Sunday, March 18, 2012

that was a little scary.....

We got locked in the bathroom!!!

Well, most of us did. Mom couldn't catch Ivy, Junior & Spud.

While she was coming home from grandma & grandpa's house after watching basketball, the tornado siren went off!!! Mom raced home and turned on the TV as she was trying to slowly catch us and get us put safely in the bathroom. Caramel was first, followed by Maestro. As mom watch the TV, Tim & Tom came over to check on her, so they went in as well, followed a couple of minutes later by Mozart.

The flicker isn't the was lightening. You can't hear the thunder (the sound in the background is the tv). The house did shake a little. And since we don't have a basement, that is why mom shut us in the bathroom. She sat in the door to the kitchen and watched......

However, Ivy hung out with mom....acting like this. Guess there wasn't THAT much to worry about, huh Mom???

We are all back to lazing around.....some are snacking, Caramel is passed out on the back of the sofa and Junior is snoozing on the cat tree.

But, this does worry took her about 10 minutes to catch everyone and she didn't catch 3 of us.....what if it had been worse???


  1. Wow, that sounds scary! I can't believe Ivy was so nonchalant! We do not get tornadoes here, but we do get earthquakes and live in a fire area - and it is hard enough rounding up just us three.

  2. Oh my goodness..mommy just has me. Rounding everyone up in case of an emergency is hard to think of. YOu babies are ALL going to have to help mma round you up. I know..easier saidthan getting your convinced BUT you need to give it some thought.

  3. Oh gosh!! That's some storm!! Yikes!! Awwwww glad you are all safe! Fingers and everything crossed there won't be anything worse than this to come! Oh dear! Awww Ivy! You are a good girl!!

    Take care

  4. You just gave us some food for thought. You're right, in an emergency, getting everybody rounded up can be a challenge and you sound like you had a really scary time!

    Stay safe, my furriends. There are way too many dangerous weather things going on lately!

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

  5. We'd be scared out of our wits. We think you're all furry brave.

  6. Glad to hear you are all okay!

    Sure hope there won't be any more storms like that anytime soon.

    Take care,

  7. So glad you are all safe.

    This is one reason I'm glad that my cats are so food motivated. When i need to gather them, it is pretty easy to break out some food and they all come out of the wood work! :)

  8. Wow scary stuff indeed. Glad you are all ok. Stay safe.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Eek. Scary stuff. I guess like fire drills, you may want to practice "tornado drills"... herding cats is not easy!

  10. Herding one cat is difficult, several is impossible! Well done. Looks very scary :( Glad you are all ok!

  11. We worry too. Oh, OK, it's actually MOMMY who worries. We're cats, so, yanno - no worries there.

    But she thinks about tornadoes, fire, severe weather...and the fact that Faraday's a bit skittish. *sigh*

    It would probably take about that long for us, too...!

  12. I love you kit-cats - but there is a time to be stubborn and a time to actually do what the bipeds want you to do! Take it from me - tornado sirens going off is when you should actually cooperate! Please?!?!
    Play bows,


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