Thursday, June 14, 2018

Adopt a Cat Month

June is officially adopt a cat month (though we think if you plan to adopt, it doesn't matter what month it says on the calendar). However, it does give shelters and rescues a chance to get the word out about great cats that need a home. It also comes right when most shelters are in the middle of kitten season....and adults very often get over looked due to overwhelming baby cuteness.

Our rescue is also very lucky in that people volunteered their time to put together a special room for our FIV positive cats. (we blogged about the room here) A lot of shelters don't even adopt out FIV+ cats. Fortunately with the room right next to our adoption center, people are able to see the cats and it has led to lots of great adoptions since the room has opened.

This is Stanley - he is a 6 year old brown tabby boy found out on the streets. As you can see from his ear tip, he was living with a feral colony but was determined to be friendly and is now looking for his own home.
 This is Soda -  he is a handsome adult boy found in some bushes. He is very friendly and mom has to admit she has a little crush on him.

There are some people who still believe FIV+ cats cannot live with other cats. This is not the case...UNLESS your FIV+ cat is aggressive and a biter. Otherwise they can live in harmony with other cats. Just introduce them slowly - like you would any other cat.

 We hope that you will go out and see what great cats are available in your area if you are in the market to adopt. If not, share your cat stories with friends and family and see if you can convince them to adopt.


  1. That is so great that the shelter adopts out the FIV cats. That Soda is one cutie patootie. Hope they both find homes. Have a great day.

  2. Stanley is the spitting image of The PO'M! *thud*

  3. I love that your rescue has an adoption space for the FIV+ kitties!

  4. Stanley and Soda are both so handsome. I hope they get their forever homes in June!

  5. Our shelter is like yours...we have had good success with adopting out FIV kitties.


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