Thursday, April 12, 2018


This is the space at the top of our entry stairs. It did have a table sitting there - basically collecting "stuff". Mom never did like it but hadn't come up with a better solution.

However, she also didn't like the cabinet in the foster room so much. It blocks sunshine, it is just too seemed OK when she bought it but not so much anymore.

Well, with new storage coming in, the tall cabinet is now by the landing. The door to the closet will still open, though in all honesty, mom doesn't use that closet that much.

(yes, the stuff in the box on the floor will eventually go on the shelves)

And the replacement storage?? Mom had been looking for a while and just couldn't find something she liked. She wanted closed drawers or doors. Not too tall. Most everything she found was raised off the ground on legs - which is just an invitation for kittens to go under and take a nap.

Then she started looking at Ikea. There is a store that opened up here about a year ago and dang if she didn't find something she liked. Check this out: 

Mom didn't want it to be ALL white, so she opted to buy the containers in different colors. They slide right in and are working really well. We do suspect some kitten may decide to get in the corners by the containers, but hopefully by then they will be too big to fit. Someone did suggest getting carpet squares for the tops of the cabinet and mom will look into that.

Word of warning - that thing is well built but DANG it was heavy. Mom ended up taking the pieces out of the box and bringing them upstairs that way. She was able to just back up to the store to buy it, but everything is kind of self service so thankfully there was a very nice man in the parking lot that helped mom get it off the cart and into her car. Plus it took her a couple of hours to put the whole thing together. But we think it was worth it.


  1. Wow, that looks terrific. We like that a lot. Now all you have to do is figure out what to put where. You all have one great day.

  2. Hey, that's cute! Ikea really has some interesting stuff.

  3. guyz...thiz izza neet storage unit N look at all de placez
    ta store YUR stuff !! :)♥♥

  4. Good storage is very impawtant. We like this.

  5. Just make sure it is anchored to the wall somehow. Seems unlikely it could be knocked over, but you never know !

  6. That's a great repurposing of the old shelves and I really like the storage unit. It would work beautifully for a certain little boy's toys. Unfortunately we don't have an Ikea.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. It looks great...and the purrrfect solution.

  8. I like it! And yes, Ikea stuff can be so heavy. When we get Ikea stuff, I'm the builder, but my hubby is the lifter!

  9. it is always awesome when you find something that works so well.


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