Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About that time....

Well, mom got the email today that there is available space at CHA so Jimmy and Zoe will be going with her tonight. We know it is time for them to find a new home, but like always, it is tough.

Mom sent Miss Kelly a text asking about the rest. Grace and Lucy weren't happy about the trip over there this morning to be vaccinate with pointy things, but it had to be done. Mom is going to stop there tonight and they are going to figure out the next part of the plan - does mom take all the girls or just take 1 to pair with Audrey and Miss Kelly keep the other two for a little longer? Kelly's neighbor Mary Pat (master socializer) said that they are "her girls" and she isn't ready for them to go either. Mom says that unless they are living at her house and since she wasn't the one to grab their hissy selves out of traps, she doesn't get a vote. But, mom says Mary Pat can be their fairykitty mother....Miss Kelly thought that was pretty funny!!!

Think happy adoptive thoughts for the kids!!!


  1. Awwww sweet Zoe and Jimmy! You gave them a great start in life and me and Charlie hope they find wonderful forever homes now! Take care

  2. That Audrey is a VAMPIRE!! I hope the two fuzzballs find their homes soonest. They are quite cute.

  3. Those kitties received better than the best early kittyhood care and now it is time for them to go out and meet their forever families. We are sending White Dog positive energy that each of these precious babies quickly finds the perfect family who will keep them ever safe, healthy and loved.


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