Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend update...

YEAH - the hots took a vacation!!! Mom opened the windows and we got some fresh air. And mom got a laugh when Junior was running around cause the birds on the balcony were taunting him and he hit the glass door....he is fine, but made quite the thud. :)

Miss Kelly said Zoe (her found kitten) and the girls are doing well. Zoe is still wild and crazy, but Kelly said that my crew were out playing on Sunday and even Lucy was deciding it wasn't too bad. Kelly's neighbor Mary Pat came over and Lucy purred when she was held. awwww.....

the girls

And then this morning the neighbor lady called and she caught the orange tabby. S/he is freaked out but wasn't hissy like Lucy. He is home for now and mom is going to work with him tonight. The trap is back up and we are hoping to catch the calico. Mom feels bad cause Annie stays right there while the kitten is in the trap. Mom wishes she could explain why she is taking Annie's babies..... Annie just looks kind of sad.


  1. Oh my goodness all these beautiful kitties!! Me and Charlie are just glad you are there to help them all!! Hugs to Annie! Take care

  2. Sounds like the kittens are coming around and might be able to trust people pretty soon. They are really cute so it shouldn't be hard to find them homes I hope. Have a great week.

  3. Such cute babies! We hope Annie can understand that her babies are being helped! Poor thing.

  4. Aw, sweet babies. Poor Annie, no she wouldn't understand. :-/

    Hurrah for window whiffies, though. And the mom laughed when she read Junior hit the glass door. The mom's mean!

  5. Poor Junior. We've NEVER done that, nosiree...

    Good luck with the tots, they seem to be coming around!

  6. Babies sure keep you busy, don't they! Teri said she has been working on the house so much, she hasn't actually slowed down to enjoy being kittenless, hahameow!

  7. Oh Annie, it will be alright, really sweetie!

  8. Such cute kittens! We hope Annie will understand that her kittens are safe and in good hands :)
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