Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mom's assistant

First, thanks for letting us know other cats are afraid of thunder. None of us are, so mom was a little baffled by Chiclet.

And to clarify the kitten situation, we plan to get everyone (except Grace who is too small) spayed/neutered on Thursday. However, not everyone is SOCIALLY ready to be adopted. So as space opens up and the kittens are socialized, they will go to the rescue. Right now that is Zoe and Grace, maybe Audrey and Lucy. Jimmy and Josephine....not so much. (hey Katnip Lounge - don't tease mom about stuff like that!!)

However, on that note, mom took her assistant Tim in with her last night again. It is amazing the transformation that occurs when he is in there. They spent about 30 minutes and then Tim had enough. When mom went back in a couple of hours later to feed them before bed, Jimmy hissed at her again. All about the small steps....  As you can see in the last picture, socializing kittens is exhausting!!


  1. Us boys aren't afraid of thunder, and we're sure our new sisfur, Shelly, isn't either, although we haven't really had any since she's lived with us.....but she doesn't seem to be afraid of ANYTHING......she's a tortie after all!!!!!!!!!

    We purray for the kittens....that they will quickly socialize and find wonderfully loving forever homes.

    Love, love, love.......

  2. I hope the little ones do great on their surgery and we'll be sending many purrs!

  3. Samson is a little bit afraid of thunder...although he pretends not to be. We think he may think it's fireworks which he is definitely afraid of!

    All the little babies are SO adorable!

  4. Awwwww kittens are such hard work!! It helps that they are ever so gorgeous and cute!!

    Take care

  5. Tim is a good Manny! Johnny loves kittens too, and the reason CC is such a lovebug is due to John.

  6. Gorgeous!!!

    I am sure lil kitties will be socializing like PROs in no time!!!

    Good luck with the "snip" operation!

    {{hugs}} to all!!

  7. aww, good job Mommy assistant! the kittens are so cute!


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