Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quick Saturday update....

Mom promised to post pictures on Monday...our home computer is just a little too slow. :)

Mom and Chiclet went to the adoption event. Chiclet was very good - mom put on the harness and leash and they stood outside with the cocker spaniel people. Chiclet had to be up in mom's arms since one of the dogs has a high prey drive, but she did very well. Mom is friends with one of the cocker ladies and she said she thinks this cat group she works with might be getting another window at Petsmart and if so, she might let mom "borrow" it for Chiclet. Mom knows if someone could just see her out like we see her, Chiclet would be adopted quick. Right now, no one sees her but us!! MOL

The girls are on vacation with Miss Kelly. Mom still thinks one of the girls could be a good match for Zoe the kitten. However, she can't make up her mind which she took everyone this morning. And Miss Kelly said, just leave them for a couple of days to see what happens. The girls were ok, Zoe is NUTS and it could be interesting. More on that Monday as well.

So mom got home from the adoption event and scrubbed the bathroom and then we were subjected to torture by the Dyson monster!!!!!

Mom is still hoping the neighbor lady can catch those other two kittens. Especially now since the girls are with Zoe and Miss Kelly.....


  1. Awwwww me and Charlie are just so glad Chiclet and the adorable kitties are safe with your mum and all these fab rescue people!! Yay! Take care

  2. Own!
    I hope your Sunday are a great day!

  3. A cat window at Petsmart would be so awesome! Fingers and paws crossed for Chiclet!

  4. I hope Chiclet will be adopted quickly!
    I cleaned bathroom and took out Dyson monster, too :-)

  5. I hope the neighbor lady can catch them! The Dyson monster? Ohh noooooooo! :)


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