Thursday, June 23, 2011


Miss Kelly and mom played the switch with the kittens yesterday. The rescue now has them "on the books" but only had 3 surgery spots open today - 2 girls and a boy. Obviously that includes Jimmy, but which two girls??? Mom and Kelly talked about it and decided to send Zoe and Audrey with Jimmy. They will be spayed/neutered today and mom will pick them up tonight. There might even be an open spot for them at the shelter this weekend. Which means that the other three girls will come back to our house. Jimmy isn't quite ready for the adoption floor, but everyday at our house is a day he gets bigger....and people tend to like them little. So mom will make a sign saying he is a little shy and we shall see what happens.

Zoe doesn't seem to like him much...everytime she see him she hisses at him. Mom spoke to Miss Kelly this morning and is seems Lucy is doing the same thing to Josephine (who is now over with Lucy and Grace). Hopefully the other 3 girls can be spayed next week and then can get to the adoption floor.


  1. We are purraying for these darlins'

    We are also purraying you will be greatly blessed for what you do for the homeless.

  2. I find that "outings" help shy kitties overcome that fear. By bringing them out of familiar surroundings and into a place that loves on them, then returning them to that secure place they knew, they tend to come out of their shells. Some more quickly then others. It is why I'm so glad I have the ability to bring my foster kittens into work but when I don't I bring them to a pet store or to the shelter and ask the staff there to love on them for a few minutes. I'm often amazed what a major difference it can make for those slightly shy kittens.

  3. Sounds like everyone is doing well. They sure are cute those little white cuties. It does help little shy ones to meet different people but then able to come back to their safe place. Take care and have a great day.

  4. Good luck with the adorable furry snowballs. Shy ones need a little extra love and attention to be told they're safe.

  5. You're the BEST to help these little kit cats!!!
    Play bows,

  6. Awwww good luck with these gorgeous kitties!! Thank you for looking after them and giving them all the best start in life! Take care

  7. We hope all goes well with their surgeries!!


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