Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday weekend round up....

Mom worked with the kittens. And we discovered Chiclet is afraid of thunder storms. Mom found her behind a book case Friday night and then found this Saturday when she got home from getting groceries:
(yes, she is on the kitchen counter, in the corner, behind the microwave)

After reading an article on Alley Cat Allies she set up a radio in the bathroom and then took Tim in there as her assistant. He wasn't much help on Saturday, but Josephine seems to like him. Once she got a look at him, she started to chirp. They tried again on Sunday and once mom got Tim to settle, she got out Josephine and laid her next to Tim in her lap. Tim was purring and kissed Jo on the head....and she relaxed. Tim got up and mom was able to pet Josephine for a few more minutes and then Jo went over to play with a toy and contemplate pouncing on Tim's tail. Mom got out Jimmy and he let her pet him but didn't relax like Josephine.

Mom went over Sunday night to take care of the girls for Kelly. Lucy hid, but everyone else came out and after a couple of minutes warmed up and wanted attention and to play. Grace climbed right in the carrier with Jimmy and Josephine (mom took them just to see what would happen). Jimmy followed her out and made a circuit of the room. Zoe hissed at him, but no big deal. Audrey came over and kissed him too. Awwww. Mom took Josephine out of the carrier. Jo immediately went into the cat condo but Audrey went over and sat with her and kissed her. They played a little and then snoozed. Mom almost brough Audrey home with her!!

Everyone but Grace is big enough for surgery. We are making plans now to get everyone spayed/neutered and then will take them into the rescue as they are ready.

Audrey & Josephine





  1. Such cutie-pies! Hey, it's okay Chiclet, we don't like those boomers either!!!

  2. So much cuteness!!! Don't they need more socializing before they are ready for adoption?

  3. Those babies have the squee factor. We're sure they will have lovely homes when they are old enough.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. If Jimmy and Grace suddenly appeared at our house Mommy would expire with glee...

  5. Awwww beautiful Chiclet!! Awwww so long as you find safe places to hide from loud noises!!! Yay!

    The babies are looking so amazing! Good luck with all the spaying and neutering! Take care

  6. Sounds like everyone is doing well! We're sorry Chiclet is scared of storms, though. Luckily, none of us ever act like we even HEAR them!

  7. Own! Poor Chiclet! Here my cats don´t like storms and intense noises!!! Kisses

  8. Chiclet...we hate those big boomers too!! We hide under the bed!! Those kittens are so cute!!

  9. What an adorable set of cuties! Everyone is adjusting well...and thunderstorms...well they ARE scary!


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