Wednesday, October 16, 2019

wow he was little

We are giving you a little throw back today....back when the #dangernugget was still a nugget. Yep - that is Fate getting his butt kicked by Cipher.

In contrast, this is Fate now being stalked by an itty bitty Gargoyle

Monday, October 14, 2019

weekend report

First things first - Cricket was ADOPTED on Friday!!!

the picture isn't great, but she's still cute

The goal is to get her a couple of friends. Some rescues won't mix kittens and we certainly respect that. We will on occasion and in this case she needs kittens her own age to play with and snuggle. Fate goes in there occasionally but mainly for the buffet not the company.

Speaking of Fate, he is being *mostly* a good boy and has a couple of weeks left on his meds before he can go back to the center. Unfortunately we currently have a TON of black kittens and juveniles so keep your paws crossed.

Friday, October 11, 2019

$3 fun




Mom found this bowl at Walmart. It is supposed to be a candy bowl for trick or treating, but she thought it would be cute to keep our toys "contained". Then she thought it might be cuter to let the kittens play with it and see if she could get some cute pictured. They weren't overly cooperative, but some of them were cute. Mom left the bowl in the room until they left on Wednesday and she could hear them playing with it from time to time.

Left you ask? Yep - they are ready to go and went up to the adoption center on Wednesday. No one was very happy about vaccines, nail trims and new accommodations, but we hope they get adopted quickly. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Fate wants to know what is in the box

Mom had taken a vacation day this past Monday. About 10am she got a text from another rescue volunteer asking if just maybe she had some time. Seems someone left a fuzzy nugget in a box outside one of our partner stores and they needed someone to come get her.

Mom drove over. The original text said the kitten was covered in fleas and smelled like smoke. Turns out the fleas weren't bad, but she did smell like smoke and was pretty filthy.

Wait - you are going to do WHAT to me in here??

Sorry kid - but you are MUCH cleaner now

She is set up in the crate in the living room. The bug kittens are ready to go back to the rescue and are WAY bigger than her anyhow. She is friendly but has no idea how to play so we may look into finding her some friends. Either way, she is clean, eating, vaccinated and tested. And safe....

What mom thought was a little hilarious is how much she looks like another kitten we had a couple of years ago:
Yep - the kitten above is Dior - now Cupcake. Even down to the spot on her back. Mom and Miss Julie were messaging back and forth and Miss Julie said "the last thing the world needs is another bathroom gargoyle." Mom laughed until she wheezed.....and guess what the new baby's name will be. MOL

Monday, October 7, 2019

Microchip clinic

Saturday mom spent 3 hours representing the rescue at a free microchip clinic. They teamed up with another local non profit PetFBI that works to help get lost pets back home.
A local vet office loaned us a vet and tech to insert the chip. We owe them a big round of applause...especially the tech who ended up getting scratched by a fractious cat.

There was a really good mix of cats and dogs. Over 90 chips were implanted and we will do the registration so we know it will get done. Participants got a back with info on the groups involved and how to keep their chip information updated.

It was a long 3 hours but so rewarding to know those pets can get home if they get lost. Only 2 animals didn't get chipped - the fractious cat and a very uncooperative dog. And we had one owner pass out when her little white dog bled a little after the chip went it.

People were very patient and cooperative which was great. Guess we need to start planning another one....

Friday, October 4, 2019

Random Fridays

**we have small prizes for "LMoore" and "meowmeowmans" for the Remember Me Thursday giveaway from last week. drop us an email at randomfelines at hotmail dot com and we will send those out!!

look lady
we know how to get over this thing
why you keep making us work so hard?

pounce in 3...2...1...

stranger danger
(yes, Beetle growled at Daiquiri - which was ok
since Daiq growled at her first)

jail break

The kitten came through surgery fine. The nice part about this age is they are hung over for the night and then race around like nothing ever happened. They are up on the rescue's website and are ready to go as soon as we have any takers. Mom has an event on Sunday that she can take them too, but they may go up to the adoption center before that as we have been having some good adoptions and they get adopted WAY faster if people can see them in person.

Thankfully Mother Nature has seen the light and decided to institute fall finally in our area. It was HOT the last few days. windows for a while around here!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Bug kittens

Well.....we think we can safely say that it will be purrsonality that gets these kittens adopted - not good pictures.