Wednesday, October 23, 2019

You can't handle the nip

Miss Connie sent us a grade-A catnip toy. Mom figured that Daiquiri would be all over it.

Turn out she was wrong. Ivy grabbed it first....

Then a certain teenager got his paws on it

Just as an FYI....Fate is a mean and slappy drunk.


  1. "Fate is a mean and slappy drunk". I've always suspected as much. Oh, you mean the cat? Oh yes, that's probably true, too.

  2. LOL, John's comment! Each one of us is getting by, by the skin of our teeth, so why not a bit of nip here or there?

  3. Lexy is lucky because I don't steal the nip toys. I can't smell them!

  4. Yep, some kitties just can't handle the nip!

  5. Oh yeah, There's always one who can't handle their nip!


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