Wednesday, October 30, 2019

a Fish tale

**a post from the mom

yes, she learned to cat from Chanel

If you have been following along, you know that Fate was here for about 3 weeks getting over a cold and left last Thursday.

While Goldfish seemed to have fun playing with him while he was here, there was a not so fun turn of events. Fate LOVED to sleep on the bed snuggled right up next to me. Normally Goldfish will get up on the bed as I am reading and ask for some love and attention and then settle in and sleep at least part of the night on the bed. After the first night of Fate being in the house, she stopped coming up and was sleeping elsewhere.

I was a little heartbroken. But more than that I was worried that having broken this pattern with her, it would step back any progress I had made being friendly with her. The bed really is her safe place. I can touch her sometimes on the cat ladder, but more than a few seconds and she will leave or hiss at me. She will sometimes walk by me when I am watching TV and let me pet her. But the bed was our spot.

After Fate left, I held my breath. There was no sign of her on Thursday night. But Friday night, she got up and, after carefully looking around, came up for attention and flopped over next to me most of the night.

Thank the cat gods - I hadn't broken her.

However, another strange thing happened on Saturday. I drove a dog transport and a friend went with me. We stopped for dinner and then she came over to love on the kittens. We were sitting in the living room (she was trying to convince Ivy to come over for some love - Ivy wasn't buying it). Goldfish came down the hall - casually stretching out and then walked over to me. I rubbed along her back. And then it happened....she walked over to my friend (who was sitting on the floor) and asked for attention. Goldfish rubbed back and forth and leaned in to her. I don't think either one of us dared to even take a breath. After about a minute, Goldfish just as casually walked back down the hall.

You know - no big deal..... 

Geez I love that girl. We will have to see if it ever happens again, but it was a wonder to see her so relaxed. 


  1. OH I love reading this and the wonderful happening. I can share that happiness because I would feel the same way.

  2. Goldfish is getting soft...LOL!
    Good news!

  3. That is such good news. Good for Goldfish. It is such a good feeling when that happens. Have a great day.

  4. YAY!!! This makes me SO happy to hear!! <3

  5. Moments like that with our especially wary cats just fill your heart up, don't they? Ashton is slowly getting her groove back, and nothing makes our human happier.

  6. What a relief it must have been to have her on the bed again. I've found that when a cat changes, it is often sudden, and with no discernible cause. But maybe the restoration of her bed-time changed something in Goildfish.

  7. Good news for you and Goldfish! I hope she continues on this path.

  8. That is great that Goldfish decided to come out of her shell... at least momentarily. I imagine that when it comes to something like her asking for attention from your friend, you can't really expect her to be consistent, or even do a repeat any time soon.

    Although you never know!

  9. Woohoo! This is such awesome news, Jeanne. Way to go, Goldfish (and you)!


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