Monday, October 7, 2019

Microchip clinic

Saturday mom spent 3 hours representing the rescue at a free microchip clinic. They teamed up with another local non profit PetFBI that works to help get lost pets back home.
A local vet office loaned us a vet and tech to insert the chip. We owe them a big round of applause...especially the tech who ended up getting scratched by a fractious cat.

There was a really good mix of cats and dogs. Over 90 chips were implanted and we will do the registration so we know it will get done. Participants got a back with info on the groups involved and how to keep their chip information updated.

It was a long 3 hours but so rewarding to know those pets can get home if they get lost. Only 2 animals didn't get chipped - the fractious cat and a very uncooperative dog. And we had one owner pass out when her little white dog bled a little after the chip went it.

People were very patient and cooperative which was great. Guess we need to start planning another one....


  1. Wow! 90 chips?? That's impressive. Amazing work. Congrats to you and all involved!

  2. What a great clinic! All those kitties and woofies will be safer now if they happen to get away from their beans.

  3. Those of us in rescue know that microchips can be all the difference in a pet getting home safely. Yay for your clinic, but I'm sure your feet are still achey...

  4. Good work. It was nice that the veterinary and technician could help out for free, too.

  5. that flippin rocks!! and doing the registrations.. above and beyond but sadly all too totally necessary


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