Friday, October 4, 2019

Random Fridays

**we have small prizes for "LMoore" and "meowmeowmans" for the Remember Me Thursday giveaway from last week. drop us an email at randomfelines at hotmail dot com and we will send those out!!

look lady
we know how to get over this thing
why you keep making us work so hard?

pounce in 3...2...1...

stranger danger
(yes, Beetle growled at Daiquiri - which was ok
since Daiq growled at her first)

jail break

The kitten came through surgery fine. The nice part about this age is they are hung over for the night and then race around like nothing ever happened. They are up on the rescue's website and are ready to go as soon as we have any takers. Mom has an event on Sunday that she can take them too, but they may go up to the adoption center before that as we have been having some good adoptions and they get adopted WAY faster if people can see them in person.

Thankfully Mother Nature has seen the light and decided to institute fall finally in our area. It was HOT the last few days. windows for a while around here!!


  1. Kittens are just living springy toys, aren't they? Oh, and with loud mouths....;-)

  2. Kittens are like children of all species - no fear when they want to accomplish something!

  3. Never a dull moment with those kittens! We purr they find homes quickly.

  4. Kittens - they just don't care! Nothing phases them. Well, very few things phase me, still.

  5. You can't keep a good kitten down. :)

  6. Hooray for window whiffies! Good luck little ones. We're sure you'll find your furever homes soon.

  7. Glad that the surgery went well! That jail break photo made us laugh! :)

    Oh, and we're excited about winning a prize! We'll drop you an email now.



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