Monday, October 14, 2019

weekend report

First things first - Cricket was ADOPTED on Friday!!!

the picture isn't great, but she's still cute

The goal is to get her a couple of friends. Some rescues won't mix kittens and we certainly respect that. We will on occasion and in this case she needs kittens her own age to play with and snuggle. Fate goes in there occasionally but mainly for the buffet not the company.

Speaking of Fate, he is being *mostly* a good boy and has a couple of weeks left on his meds before he can go back to the center. Unfortunately we currently have a TON of black kittens and juveniles so keep your paws crossed.


  1. Ah yes, black cats in October...when will the public understand?

  2. Great news about cricket, and paws crossed that the baby gets a pal soon!

  3. best best fishez two ewe cricket anda happee gotcha day two ewe ~ ☺☺♥♥

  4. Yay for Cricket ! We hope the little one gets a friend very soon ! Purrs

  5. It is gray tabbies at the rescue I foster for. So. Many. Gray. Tabbies. LOL

  6. We hope that baby girl gets a buddy or two.

  7. Hurrah for Cricket! That's the best news. And that new little one... Good Heavens, what a cutie. Is her name Gargoyle? I see that in the 'labels'.

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    1. ps - you're not going to stop until all of your blogging friends adopt a tuxie, huh?


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