Wednesday, December 12, 2018

mine mine mine

Are you done yet?

OK - I'm coming in whether you are or not

move over - you are taking up all the room

dang she is mean

I wonder if I stare at her long enough if she will leave
(no - she will not)

Mom found the ski chalet we got last year that wasn't assembled as we got it really close to Christmas and we had our log cabin already up in the living room.

Kilkenny was out in the house on Saturday and decided he liked the chalet. Until a certain mid sized tuxedo cat wandered by and decided that she needed to have it. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

weekend report

Peroni, Balashi, and Guinness all went to a partner store on Saturday. Peroni and Guinness moved right in with no problems. Balashi hid in part of the cage. They are back with Marzen. He wasn't too sure about those "new" cats in his cage, but everyone settled in pretty quickly. He did hiss at Peroni who promptly popped him on the head. That's our girl.

Cross your fingers and paws for quick adoptions. We will keep you posted.

Of course, with the little kittens gone, this left Kilkenny in the foster room by himself. After listening to him sing a very loud and off-key version of the "I am lonely" song, mom gave up and let him out. He wasn't too sure about things at first but given a couple of hours, he settled right in and was having a blast with Chanel and Goldfish.

The problem is that he is supposed to be getting eye meds 3-4 times per day. He is a little skittish (and even more so with mom with being medicated) so catching him out in the condo was becoming and adventure. Mom just doesn't have the time to chase him around for 10 minutes that often just to put drops in his eyes. Mike. Named after mom's favorite drink in a bottle.

He is about 4 months old which makes him the same age as Kilkenny. He was brought in to the shelter after being found. He was neutered, vaccinated and all ready to go....when he got a pretty nasty cold. Mom agreed to bring him here. He has been on meds for a few days, so she isn't too worried about Kilkenny catching anything. Mike is super sweet and lovey.

That said, mom had to catch Kilkenny to put him back in the room. He also knows way more cat swear words than mom was originally aware...and has been using all of them on poor Mike. Luckily Mike isn't doing anything to retaliate, so for most of Sunday afternoon it was just a standoff with Mike going about his business and Kilkenny being a drama queen.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Random Fridays

OK - so it isn't a great picture since the flash went off in the middle of the TV screen. But.... mom was watching a special on national parks last weekend and Daiquiri was fascinated by the one on the Smokey Mountains.

Kilkenny's eye looks MUCH better. Trust us. The meds seems to be working, so with any luck he won't end up a pirate cat. The goal is to keep using the drops until it clears up. The suspicion is that he may forever have a corneal scar, but better that than the alternative. We will keep you posted.

Mom took the other 3 kittens on Thursday morning to be spayed/neutered. You should have HEARD Kilkenny howl from the kitten room. Oh he was pitiful.

So yep - that means the kittens are ready to go. Mom thinks there may be space over at the store where Marzen is currently hanging out, so they may end up over there. If that is the case, mom is going to have to hunt down a friend for Kilkenny. She doesn't really want to let him loose in the house since he has to be medicated 3-4 times per day. But no one wants to listen to the "I'm lonely" howl for very long either. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Goldfish and Chanel

This is a regular occurrence - up and down the cat ladder - round and around.

Goldfish really has become Chanel's minion. The only thing mom worries about is Chanel getting enough attention. Both girls get up on the bed at reading time and Goldfish will shove her way in front of Chanel. Mom will make an effort to make sure Chanel is getting her share of the attention. The nice part is that Chanel will come up to mom in the evenings so she does get that time to herself.

While Goldfish is doing very well when mom is in bed - and in fact Goldfish sleeps with her most of the night - she is still a little skittish during the day in the rest of the house. That said, by comparison, Junior will run if mom gets within about 3 feet of him. Goldfish isn't that bad...she will stay where she is in the room so long as mom doesn't directly approach her. Though mom will admit to sneaking up on Goldfish occasionally when she is sleeping on the cat ladder and touching the toes.

It will be a continuing process. But honestly when mom decided to add her to our household, we never had expectations of Goldfish making this much process in the time that she has so far. While we suspect Goldfish will never be as social as Chanel, we have some hope.

Oh - and the noises the Goldfish makes are totally a play after Chanel - no real meows, more chirps.

Mom put this box on the back of the sofa as sort of a blocker. Goldfish climbed in and Chanel, as she tends to be, was totally baffled. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekend Report

With Kilkenny at our house for a while (his eye looks much better even after a couple of days of medication), Marzen seemed lonely in a cage by himself. Mom was at the store for an event on Sunday and they decided to move him to a lower cage that already has a pair of kittens in it. This set was a group of 4 kittens and 2 of them have already been adopted. There was some minor hissing, but nothing serious and everyone seemed fine by the time mom left the store. 

Mom took Guinness with her to the adoption event. He was not a fan of putting ON the harness but didn't mind once it was on. Mom posted to social media that apparently it is a good magic trick - one harness can turn a kitten into an octopus. This picture just made her laugh. No idea what startled him but he was making quite the face.

And of course adoption events are just exhausting....

It actually was pretty nice here over the weekend so mom cracked the windows on Sunday. The 3 smaller kittens are scheduled for spay/neuter surgery on Thursday, so they should be ready to go shortly after that. Not sure when Kilkenny will be ready to go back to a store or up to the adoption center...depends on how his eye continues to progress.

Sorry for the weird pictures - mom went to work on the blog on Sunday and her laptop decided to do a massive update.