Monday, November 2, 2020

It's everywhere

 A post from the mom

I've been getting groceries via pick up pretty much since they started offering it. I hate shopping. I will run in for some things but for staples, I order online and pick up.

Here's the downside: sometimes you don't get things, other times they will substitute.

Last week I ordered cat litter and they substituted the lightweight stuff. I don't normally use that but fine. 

Only it wasn't. I used one container in the foster room and NEVER again. It's everywhere. Huzzah is a kicker so it flings all over.

And there is a static sticks to Yippee like she ran through a box of packing peanuts:

It floats everywhere too. All over the floor. All over the blankets. Under the door. Just no thank you ever again....


  1. Well now!
    That substitution was a small disaster, no?

  2. I actually had tried some lightweight stuff back in the spring and into the summer (had bought several boxes, actually, to stock up as we were heading to lockdown in March. (I'm finding that I'm not able to lug the 40 pound bags of litter around easily anymore.) Oh, but what a mess! It's fine for use and for scooping, but oh, boy, does it track all over the house, sticking to Derry's back end. I've gone back to our regular litter, am just buying smaller bags of that now. More expensive, but at least I don't put my back out trying to lug them around. LOL.

    1. yep - we live up a flight of stairs and this totaled seems like a good idea. Until it was determined to be a disaster. Goldfish walked down the hall this morning covered in it too.

  3. Ya know... We get the lightweight for the lugging issue too but maybe we will go back to regular

  4. My human uses 12-lb. bags of World's Best because clay is too heavy. She just deals with the scatter.

  5. Yeah, sometimes the substitutions by the grocery store folks aren't so great.


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