Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rat Pack kittens

YAY!!! Romero got his stitches out and the cone off yesterday!!


Bogart is going to charm the socks right off of some family. He went with mom to an event on Sunday and did hang toward the back of the cage for part of it, but like his siblings is all lovey when you hold him.

There was a plan for Wednesday. Mom was going to drop Bacall off at the adoption center to go to a mobile vet to be spayed. Harlow was looking much better (her one eye is scarred from the infection but not as bad as the boys), so mom asked if there was a spot for her to go as well. That was all set in place so mom planned to drop the girls off on her way to work.

The second part of Wednesday morning was to take Romero along with Flynn and Bogart to the low cost clinic. Romero needs his eye checked and the stitches removed and Flynn and Bogart were scheduled to be neutered.

Unfortunately, Rooney's eye got worse Tuesday night, so after a couple of texts back and forth, mom took him instead of Flynn and Bogart. And of course, to keep it complicated, mom got a text from the rescue in the afternoon that the mobile vet refused to spay the girls stated they are "snotty". Mom says they looked fine to her when she was packing them up. argh....

the new conehead in town

Mom put Rooney and Romero in the crate together. She's hoping having some company will be good for both of them. Romero could go back in the foster room but a few days without playing too rough won't be a bad thing.


  1. "Plan + fostering = hahahahahahaha" Romero looks great -- very dashing!

    1. right??? why do we bother sometimes....

  2. So glad Romero got his cone off. Bet he is a happy boy. They sure are a cute bunch. Good luck getting the girls fixed.

  3. This was a one step forward, two steps backward process! Poor Rooney, but whatcha gonna do? Your vet has done this to you before; rejected kittens for snottiness. the end, better safe than sorry, but that doesn't help the amount of gasoline one uses up driving around, or the brain power used in making and remaking plans!

  4. We're glad Romero is cone-free, but send prayers for everyone else!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. look fantastic! Rooney, bless your heart. You too Mom.

  6. The passing of the cone.. Well, at least he's in with someone who can sympathize!

  7. Ugh! I just hope they are all better and ready for adoption soon.

  8. romero....we due knot think rooney iz glad ya gived him yur cone.... sorree rooney; we will tell ya like we did romero; lotz oh napz makes de dayz go quik.....buzzed happee for ewe tho romero ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  9. Oh boy... snotty noses are the worst. We hope they clear up soon. And we hope Rooney heals up soon as well.

  10. Poor lil guys. We hope everyone heals up in no time.

  11. Poor Rooney. We hope he loses the cone soon. But that's good news for Romero.

  12. Yay for Romero, but we're sorry for Rooney. We hope he gets rid from the cone soon. Purrs

  13. The passing of the cone.. Well, at least he's in with someone who can sympathize!



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