Friday, January 19, 2018

Random Fridays

Miss Connie asked WHAT the update on Ivy's ear was from the vet. looked good. She wants mom to keep using the meds once per week and then we will get her rechecked in another month or so. That said, mom checked Ivy's ear the other day and it is all crusty again. Sigh....  Cause the princess is such a great patient.

Mom has been doing some serious worrying about our feral girl Allie. With the weather being so cold, she worries about every animal left outside of course. Allie has been sticking around the garage more in this weather with the cold and the snow. She is now around 8 years old though she certainly looks pretty healthy. Mom is making sure to put warm water in her bowl every morning and plenty of food out. If mom catches her right in the area, she will put canned out too but doesn't want to leave it to just freeze. She even has a few different beds set up in different places. Allie must be getting a little used to mom as the past couple of morning she didn't even leave her bed when mom got in the car to leave for work.
in warmer weather

Mom has been thinking about maybe trying to trap her, get her vaccines updated, get her retested and microchipped. However, the other day the garage door wasn't cooperating (mom leaves it up about 6 inches to let Allie come and go). It went up, then down, then up, then down....Allie finally freaked out and RAN!! So now mom worries that trapping her and bringing her inside would just freak her out that much more. It is tough to love a feral knowing that so many things can happen to her that are outside of our control.

If you are anywhere near central Ohio tonight, be sure to stop in to the Amazing Cat Show III at 400 West Rich St. There will be some very cool art on sale along with other things, all supporting Colony Cats and TNR efforts in Franklinton. Mom will be there upstairs along with adoptable cats.

And now.....for the moment you have all been waiting much does Sigourney weigh??

According to the official vet records, she weighs 6 pounds, 8 ounces and is about 3 years old (mom REALLY doubts the age part though).

Our winner - closest without going over - is: Amanda P 


  1. Aww, poor Ivy! (And poor Mom!)
    Hope things clear up soon!

  2. Sure hope Ivy gets better soon. I know how you feel about the cats outside. I worry about mine too but I think they find a place to curl up and somewhat stay warm.

  3. Poor Ivy ear. Thank you for everything you do for your ferals, from worrying about them to providing for them. We can hardly wait for you to help Allie even more.

  4. I hope Ivy's ear clears up quickly.

  5. Poor Ivy. We hope healing gets a move on :)
    I understand about ferals in winter. That's how I got my Bear Cat (yes, after I fed him once, he let me touch him - so maybe he wasn't strictly feral ... or maybe there was something we recognized in each other) - winter was coming and I couldn't tolerate the idea that Bear would have to go through a brutal winter outside. No doubt, Allie's scared - but we hope you find a way to ensure her safety that works for both of you. If anyone can do it ... we believe you can!

  6. Poor baby!
    We hope your ear is all better real soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  7. I bet it is so hard loving a feral, as you pointed out. But she is lucky to have you caring for her.


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