Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Year in Review - Part 2

Miss Julie gave us a camper at Blog Paws and the rat pack kittens put it to the test. We got to know Panache and her kittens better. We talked about cat guys. It was not only the summer of tuxedo kittens, it was the summer of one eyed tuxedo kittens as Romero and Rooney lost one eye each to infection. The rat pack kittens got new collars so mom had a better chance of telling them apart in pictures. We got close up pictures of the #littlekittens Mallard, Foxy and Fish. Chanel went up to the adoption center but wasn't adopted.

We did a Q and A about FIV in cats. Bogart, Flynn and Romero went up to the adoption center. Panache and the kittens got new housing arrangements. We posted about the rat pack girls. It was our 9th year blogoversary. Romero got adopted. Mom took Rooney and Harlow to an adoption event - upon their return to the house they got free run and Panache and the kittens got moved to the foster room. Flynn and Bogart were adopted together. Bacall stuck around the house getting over a cold. There was a minor mystery in the foster room.

Bacall went up to the adoption center and got adopted the next day. Mom took Lark and the songbird kittens - unfortunately they were all pretty sick and after going back to the rescue, they passed away. We posted some pictures showing how remarkable how much like Panache that Mallard looks. Foxy got adopted. Mom played musical cats and Rooney got adopted. Fish got adopted as well. We picked up the #berrykittens as well. Mozart turned 11 years old.

Mom took a long weekend to visit family and they all took out a pontoon boat for a day. When she got home she picked up 4 kittens rescued from Houston after Hurricane Harvey (Bristol, Shiner, Amarillo and Marfa). Mom went to visit Chanel...and ended up bringing her home. On the 6th, our elder statesman Tommy passed away with mom's help at the vet. Unfortunately later that week, Cranberry of the berry kittens passed away as well. The Texas kittens got their names and continued to charm mom. Chanel got a harness and started making trips out in public with mom. Harlow got adopted. On the 25th mom had to make the decision to take Mozart to the vet to euthanize him after a cancer diagnosis.

We kicked off the month with some VERY good news - Millie, mom to the design kittens, was adopted. Blueberry and the Texas kittens got a cold so there was snot in the foster room.The Texas gangsters decided Blueberry was fun to pick fights with on a regular basis. Chanel continued to go out and about with mom and got to meet someone interesting one day. Blueberry was finally ready to go up to the adoption center. There was a Texas kitten update and mom posted about our new log cabin house. And after several weeks, the Texas kittens were packed off for surgery.


Mom had pictures taken of Chanel for Christmas at a fundraiser for a local rescue. We got more back story on the Texas kittens before they came up here after Hurricane Harvey. After surgery and a weekend of adoption events, the Texas kittens were supposed to head up to the adoption center to find their forever homes. Blueberry was adopted on the 6th. On the day the Texas kittens were to get set up at the adoption center, Amarillo started to drool and there was random sneezing, so back to the house. They went back into the foster room but managed to pull a Houdini and escaped....gaining them access to the house full time. However, after a few days Chanel wasn't very happy about all 4 kittens being out, so they headed back up to the adoption center since no one was acting sick. Sigourney and Weaver came to us as new fosters for the end of the year. All four Texas kittens were adopted pretty quickly. Weaver continued to charm mom and Ivy had a vet check for her ear. We got our Secret Paws box. Unfortunately the year ended on a sad note when mom got a call from the pet sitter that Weaver had passed away while mom was out of town.


  1. Those sure were busy times at your house with all those kittens and Momma cats etc. So sorry about Weaver and the others too. Can't wait to meet the next bunch of kittens. Have a great 2018.

  2. You sure had a busy year. Wishing you all a happy and health 2018!

  3. Wow what a productive year! Thanks for helping so many!

    For all you folks and animals reading this my blog has stories and information for cat helpers/lovers everywhere. Pass it on to your human ‘beans!
    I pray that all cat blogosphere kitties stay happy and healthy!



  4. The last half of the year was even crazier than the first - and there were some really sad times. And boy, were there a lot of kitten colds! I think it should be a reminder to humans that it's really not a good idea to adopt very young kittens (which a lot of them seem to want to do) - they need to grow some immunity first. The little ones need stay with fosters (like you!) until they are strong enough to get through any kitten sniffles. It's way better for the kittens, and better for the humans' pocketbooks, and possibly, to avoid heartbreak. I think I'll get off my soapbox now!

    1. you are very right - and it is also another reason that kittens do much better when they can stay with their moms.

  5. Such much cuteness, and a wee bit of sads.

  6. Happy New Year! We're so sad about Lark and her songbirds ... we wish they could've left the nest and soared. We love Panache and her kittens ... and Chanel is just the icing on the kitty cake!

  7. What a lot of love and life-saving you've done!

  8. Well, the second half of the year was a little sadder for all of you. We didn’t know about Weaver. We’re really sorry.

  9. I think you need a nap.. and maybe some chocolate..
    May 2018 bring you oodles of snuggles and only good news

  10. I love that camper! You had such a busy year!

  11. Goodness, what a full year you had with just kittens alone


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