Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday....

We are still purring for everyone in Oklahoma..... If you want to help, World Vets is helping with the animals and you can always support the Red Cross

And, mom is BURIED at work after being off - she is skimming her reader, but we aren't able to comment much - hopefully we can whap her into shape over the weekend.

Mom took Monday off from the green paper job to get stuff done around here and relax. Good thing too......

She got a call in the morning from a former adopter. Seems that a kitten that was adopted last December is not using the litter box. They had her vet checked and it isn't medical. They talked about things and seems that she doesn't like the dog. Or like the kids.  Which makes us wonder about the activity level in the house and how they did introductions (this girl was about 10 weeks old when she was adopted).

Then as they talked about what was going on around the house, the lady mentioned that the kitten had a complete medical workup.....when she was taken in to be front declawed.  ARGH!!!!

Anyhow, we are thankful today that the adoption contract for the rescue includes a "bring them back" clause - and that the lady did the right thing and called mom.

Yep - that is Opal (from last fall - Cleo's kittens that came to us from Miss Chrystal). So far she is doing ok. Spud hissed at her (of course, so did Triscuit). But she is back with us and she is safe and we will make it work for her. Opal did pretty well around the house for her first night on Monday. She kind of treats Triscuit like a toy (which results in some hissing from Triscuit) but within a couple of hours was out and wandering the condo.

Cookie was adopted and went home on Tuesday. So, Opal went up to Petco last night and will hopefully find her NEW home quickly.

Update: yep - Opal IS Emma's sister. Mom almost fell over when she saw Opal cause she is SO much bigger than Emma was when Emma went home. As for declawing, we do ask on our applications and will talk to people about it. While it isn't an automatic reason to deny, we will do it if we a bad feeling about people in addition to that (Uncle Bill was one of these). In this case, they didn't put that on the application and the lady said she only did it after Opal "destroyed her leather sofa". (and now mom is going to go off and mumble more bad werds)


  1. Oh my goodness. They declawed Opal!? :(
    Why do vets still perform declawing? It's so inhumane.
    But we are glad her adopter returned Opal instead of releasing her on the streets. That would have been awful, especially since she's been declawed.
    Purring the sweet girl finds her new forever home soon.

  2. Poor Opal. I wish declawing would be banned here, it's abhorrent.

    Purrs for her to find a truly wonderful and true forever home, very soon.

  3. We should start a campaign on stopping declawing. That is a terrible thing to do especially if the cat has to be adopted out again. But we are glad they brought the cat back. That is too bad but hopefully she will find a really good home this time.

  4. Opal looks like a cutie. Good luck to her new efforts to find a perfect home. And damn de-clawing.

  5. She's so pretty. Hope she finds a new LOVING home quickly.

  6. Such a beautiful looking kitty to. I just know you'll be able to find a good home for her.

  7. Many rescue groups ask adopters to sign a "no declawing" clause--do you or your group talk to adopters about this?

    How is Emma doing in her new home? Isn't she Opal's sister?

  8. I a so so so so sorry for that precious girl being declawed and tormented by the dog and kid. At least the person DID do the right thing in telling you.

  9. I hope Opal finds a new home soon

  10. best fishes two ewe cookie n opal...we hope ewe both finds yur forever home that iz ...for ever...


  11. We hope Opal finds her forever home soon!


  12. Poor baby, we should all go to that human's house and amputate something impawtant to them!

  13. It sounds to me like the humans who "adopted" Opal should never have had a cat in the first place! They should have returned her BEFORE declawing her - and I would bet MONEY that her "inappropriate elimination" may have had something to do with that declaw! Ugh, I hate humans sometimes. The bad ones, at least.

  14. Some people declaw kitties first and make excuses why later! We hope Opal gets a new home soon :)

  15. Lovely Opal, she's a gorgeous. I actually thought the update was going to be about Emma, there is definitely a family resemblance.

    I certainly hope she finds a great forever home.

  16. We are glad Opal was returned and will be placed in a new home that better fits her needs and personality. Momma is all red in the face about the declawing. Like others, she does NOT understand why this practice is still done by vets who should educate their clients and refuse to do the procedure.

  17. Ugh, I hate people. Declawing should be illegal already. They mamed her and STILL returned her? I'll be mumbling some bad words over here too.


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