Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Those new kittens.....

Once again, mom stopped over at the adoption center and ended up coming home with kittens. After spending a couple of days with them, she is glad she did. They need to gain some weight to be able to have surgery before they can be adopted.

But, seems that the rescue got a call from a guy about 30 minutes away asking for help. The momma cat (and a couple of others) were spayed and we got the kittens. They don't seem too socialized, so mom is working with them. She did try to clip their nails and clean their ears on Sunday and um....yeah, it got done but didn't end well. Mom finally had to wrap Stella in her t-shirt to calm her down.

As for the names, mom gets to name the kittens from the rescue. The shelter normally names their cats/kittens (though mom got to name the space kittens cause there were so many kittens). So the drinker around here would be....Mom!!!

Actually, she was trying to come up with something when she saw a Stella Artois commercial and that gave her the idea. :)

Killian is the red kitten. Stella the girl. Miller is a BITER. And Busch is a little shy. Mom did grab paper collars from the rescue for the two brown tabby boys so she can tell them apart at a glance - though it does appear that Busch is almost a gray tabby.

They are staying in baby jail for now. After some interactions, mom is afraid they will get under the sofa and she will never get them out. Tim has been in there with them and sits with mom and Busch was ALL about that. And Triscuit runs around the outside of baby jail (yes, Triscuit is still here - more on that later).

And, it has happened. Last night - Miller escaped from baby jail. No one else figured it out, but mom opened the gate to let everyone out to play. And it was chaos!!!  Mom is going to put them back in baby jail for the night, but we suspect we may end up with a Miller kitten sleeping with us. We don't mind them being out, though Tommy minds them running all over him. hahaha

Triscuit is still here for the moment. There are two big boys up at Petco and Triscuit is a little snotty, so she is here. When the beer kittens got out, she was torn between "what fun" and "holy smokes".  MOL

Speaking of beer kittens, Kelly from Whiskers in the Window was our winner. Miss Kelly - email us and we will get your prize out to you.  :)


  1. Goodness, a whole new herd of kittens. But the good news is that Triscuit is still there. Good for her to stand up to those two boys. Love seeing all the kittens.

  2. "Mom finally had to wrap Stella in her t-shirt to calm her down".

    Wrap Stella the cat to calm the cat or wrap Stella the drink to calm the Mom? ;)

    Wish there were photos of Triscuit with the beer kittens!

  3. I won? I won?? I never win anything! Whoopie!!!! E-mail coming along shortly :)

    In that first photo, the two beer kittens on top look to be plotting nefarious things to get revenge for being put in baby jail. Watch your back.

  4. They sure are cute little beer dears! Howdy Triscuit!

  5. ewe noe triscuit...keep up yur good werk...

    ;) ;)

    N ewe wont bee goin any wear...cept rite heer..N how kewl iz that huh !!!

  6. Wowzers! We've been reading all the posts we missed - and it looks like we missed TONS!
    The beer kitties are so cute - and Triscuit! It sounds like you were a rock star at the blog paws thing! Way to go!
    Play bows,

  7. Is there any room for the mom in the condo?

  8. OH the kittens. I would love to be like a grandma and come in to enjoy them and then leave. xoxox

  9. I know it's a lot of work, more than I can imagine, but I think it would be wonderful be overrun by kittens! They're all so cute!
    I think I can understand Triscuit not knowing which way to react though! MOL

  10. Now THAT'S a whole lotta kittens! Hi Triscuit! :)

  11. The mom says if she had all those kittens running around here, she'd need a beer...or a whole six pack!

  12. Major SQUEEEEEE!!!
    I think Waffles should be named Killian. Definitely suits him. ...maybe it's an orange thing.

    LOVE the photos!!!

  13. Beer kittens now, but once they get used to the place and grow a little, they may be come the Beer Brats! What cuties.

  14. Miller sounds like he is going to be a real pawful. Bet Triscuit could help with the training. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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