Friday, September 21, 2012

extra special....

**A quick note: Eclipse passed her "test" at the shelter. They think she is actually closer to 2 years old and she settled in after about 24 hours there, so they are going to keep her and make her available for adoption. YEAH!!!!
we also want to take a second to let Friends Furever know we are thinking about them since Tamir ran for the Bridge.....

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

You had to know this was coming. :)
Bourbon and Gin - passed out
(no idea who turned over the cat bed)

Yep - we are featuring Da Bourb......

Of course, he doesn't know he is different. Animals with special needs don't know they are. From missing a limb to cerabellar hypoplasia (wobbly cat syndrome) to missing an eye (like Matilda)...... they are as normal as they can be. The only thing that makes them different is the human perspective.

Mom is procrastinating, but swears she is going to get Bourb's info in to the Petfinder person for the rescue and get him listed. (her latest excuse: Miss Marilyn is on vacation and mom wants to wait until she is home to send it)

Notice his sister Gin passed out with him. We have told mom she needs a new nickname. Mom had taken to calling her "tiny kid" or "tiny girl" as she was ALWAYS the tiniest kitten in the group.  And looking at that picture, she is still smaller than Bourbon. But, with being spayed, we got a weight on her and Moonshine. Shine weighs: 2.8 pounds (or did last week). Gin weighed.... 2.8 pounds. Huh???  Well....that seems odd.....

We hope you have a great weekend.....thank you for letting us share cats with you this week. We think Sparkle said it best yesterday that these animals are not "less adoptable" but are just more special!!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow - someone is having a birthday!


  1. Awwww so lovely to see the Alcohol Kitties looking adorable and playing so adorably!! Yay for Eclipse!

    We've been over to Tamir's family to leave our purrs and hugs! Very sad!
    :-( Take care

  2. I have no doubt that Bourbon will get a wonderful home with patient and loving people who will understand that he is so very special :-)

  3. Yeay for Eclipse!
    Gin does look very much smaller than Bourbon.

  4. I had to come back and say great interview with Tails from the Foster Kittens!!!!

  5. I so agree with you and Sparkle, that having a less than perfect cat is so special. I have one here and I love her so much. She is just very special and has no idea there is anything wrong with her. I sure hope Boub finds a great home. He will make someone a great cat. Take care.

  6. Hehehe. Look at those little alcohol kittens! :)

    We get a little bit jealous that people are becoming more levelheaded about FIV where you live. Where we live people are silly about it, and barely anyone in rescue will adopt out a positive cat. There is even a campaign on the radio at the moment about the dangers of "cat AIDS". They are preaching vaccination, but don't tell you that the cats will then test positive on a snap test! Fui still tests positive on a snap test to the one vaccination he had 5 years ago. He's negative on a pcr though.

  7. I think someone secretly wants to keep Bourbon

  8. Every kitty is so special and deserves to be loved. We couldn't agree with you and Sparkle more! Hooray for Eclipse!


  9. @Forever Foster: don't let mom fool you - SOME rescues are OK with FIV, but most are not. For the shelter where mom volunteers and the local humane society, a positive test is a death sentence. And getting people to adopt an FIV+ cat isn't that easy either - most still believe they can't live with other cats. It is hard but we hope it gets better as we get more info out there (but those ads running near you make us shudder)

  10. Bourbin and Gin look like they are sleeping off a hard night of partying, MOL.

  11. **Orion waving back**

    Meowm has contacted No More Homeless Pets, which is now part of Best Friends. We have stuff all lined up to take care of the cats, we just need a proper place to put the feeding stations and winter homes. New fencing was put up in some ares, and Meowm thought that some of that was going to have some roofing over it, hence a purrfect place for the stations and homes. So far no roofs. Time for Meowm to go talk to the office again.

  12. Thanks so much for the shout-out, but as you know, I only spoke the truth! Anyone who has lived with a special kitty will tell you what a gift it is!

  13. Yay for Eclipse!
    Bourbon disabled? special needs? Special maybe, but that baby needs nothing but fun!
    We hope for forever homes soon!!

  14. Hurray for Eclipse...hope her forever home comes soon.

    I'm not quite ready for you to let Bourbon. He's too cute! And too special!

    Love the sleeping kitty pics, they are soooo stinking adorable.

  15. so glad to hear about Eclipse, I hope she settles down and relaxes enough to find her forever people.

    as for Bourbon... Yeah, I've got nothing really to say about that. I've delayed letting go of special kittens before so I can totally understand.


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