Monday, September 17, 2012

Adopt A less Adoptable Pet Week

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

Petfinder every year makes an effort to show those pets that some people deem "less" adoptable. We LOVE this idea and are going to participate by taking a different aspect each day and promoting an available animal witht that issue.....  (we will keep you updated on us as well)

Today we are talking about "old" pets....
Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012   Mom says all the time that people come into the shelter and the rescue and want the cute little young kittens. Those over a certain age get overlooked. We aren't sure why. We all know that kittens grow up into cats and we all get old. Pick an older pet and you get a set personality, less bad habits and an animal that is calmer and past the young crazies.

So out feature cat of the day today is Maxx...

Maxx is 8 years old and pretty darned sweet - or so mom says since she has met him. He is a calm older gentleman who gets along with the other cats at the shelter - though he will seek high ground when the youngsters are out and running around - he loves to watch them from the new cat tree in the cat room. Or he finds a comfy spot to watch Bird TV out the windows.  You can read more about Maxx here.

We had a relaxing weekend. Open windows and lots of napping. Eclipse is still in the bathroom. Bourbon snuck in one night and she whapped him once and then ran into a corner - so she is more scared than agressive and that can be worked with. Rather than stress her out, mom has been giving her some space from us and just spending time in the bathroom with her.

Mom did a transport on Sunday......Muggs was moving from boarding to an open foster home. Cane Corso Rescue had gotten a call when someone found him and another Corso tied in a backyard with no food, water or shelter. He is a big lovey boy. Mom said he sheds, drools and need a couple of sammiches, but he couldn't have been a nicer dog. Good luck on your forever home buddy!!


  1. What a totally awesome theme!! I can't wait to see what you come up with each day.

    Paws crossed for Eclipse that she starts to relax.

  2. Muggs is gorgeous!!

    Paws and fingers crossed for Maxx!! Yay for this fab event! Take care

  3. The Farm cats will blog about this on Friday. It is so very true. Sherpa and Harry are about the only kittens I've ever had. I usually take in older cats. After Sherpa and Harry I remembered why that was such a good idea.....

  4. our mommer sez she would luff to giff efurry one uf them big ol' hugs an' a luffin' home, acause efurry one of them deserfs it!! unfortunately, she'd also like to stay married to our daddy, who finks 4 cats an' 1 large woofie is plenty enuff. (he really DOES luff us!) we fanks you an' yer beans fur bein' able to care for an' rehome all these fine critters!!!

  5. All pets deserve a chance no matter how old they are. We all get old...right?

  6. What a good idea to put one cat on a day. I think we will do that too. We took in our neighbors cat when they left her, and she is so easy. The older cats just kind of fit in and no muss no fuss. Not all of them are easy but most of them are. Glad you did this to remind us.
    Muggs looks like such a nice dog. Glad he got a foster home. Take care.

  7. What a cool idea! Me and Dave were already adults when we were adopted, so this is near and dear to our hearts!
    Muggs sure looks like a sweet guy! Good luck to him - and thanks to your mom!
    Play bows,

  8. Maxx is so handsome! Thank you featuring him today!
    Did Muggs leave large puddles of drool on Mommy's car mat? Hahaha.

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  10. We wish people saw all animals as adoptable regardless of age or colour!!!!

  11. Older cats are great! Star was two when we got her and she was still tons of fun like a kitten! She's still a player at 13!
    I'm gonna borrow your banner, ok!

    That doggie does look like he could use some sammiches! I'm sure he'll get him some good lovin' in his new foster home and we hope he gets a forever home soon! And that whoever tied him and the other one up with no food water or shelter gets a good smackin'....

  12. Maxx is extremely handsome. What a doll. I hope someone realizes he still has so much love to give and adopts him soon.


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