Tuesday, September 18, 2012

black animals....

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

We all know how mom feels about the house panthers.

(for anyone looking for the banners we are using, you can find them at Petfinder)
Poncho and Gin


Oh - and the Poncho was ADOPTED!!! Mom took him back last Monday. There was a very nice couple that came in on Thursday and were looking at several different cats - including the goof. Mom checked the web on Saturday morning and Poncho was off the site - meaning he got adopted. We aren't sure if it was that couple of not, but we hope so. Concats on the new home!

  This is Chloe from CHA.

She came to the shelter this spring. And while that seems bad enough, she came from another shelter. Where she had been living for 3 YEARS!!!  What the ___???

Miss Chloe is a BIG girl. (ok, mom calls her a beached whale, but whatever). But she is super sweet....  Pet her and she purrs. :)  She was living in the director's office for a while (they move some of the adults around to give them a different perspective). When mom would walk into the shelter, she said she could hear Chloe yelling to be let out. The office cats would get let out and allowed access to the lobby during the day and Chloe was SURE she should get the privilege all the time......  We agree.


  1. Chloe looks so friendly - Mum loves black cats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh Chloe, you look like our kind of cat. You would fit in really well here but there isn't any room at the inn. Tell Mom thanks for posting about the black kitties. They need homes too.

  3. I do love black cats. They are so very sweet

  4. Mr. Oliver opened my heart to black cats, they are wonderful. Our local cat shelter has been offering 50% off adoption fees for black cats for the past two months! They keep posting on their FB that people are adopting them, which is wonderful!! I hope all the lovely black kitties at your shelter find good homes soon!!

  5. Chloe looks like such a sweetheart.
    And great news about Poncho's adoption!

    PS/ Will the shelter halt the adoption of black cats just prior to Halloween? I remember somewhere that some shelters do that.

  6. I've had a few black cats and yes, they are awesome!! I hope Miss Chloe gets a home SOON! poor dear, she looks so sweet!
    Yay for Poncho!

  7. Black cats rule! We have our paws crossed that Chloe finds a home of her own SOON!

  8. PONCHO!!!! That is wonderful news!
    Play bows,

  9. Yay for Poncho - I always love to hear about kitties getting adopted!

  10. Why anyone would avoid adopting a black animal or an older one or one with a special need is beyond us! Chloe is a beautiful girl. Congratulations and best wishes to Poncho in his new forever home!

  11. YAY for Poncho! Did you know we have over 20 black cats/kittens right now? We're putting up a tribute to them on Friday.

    We're so glad that they, at least, have avoided a high-euth situation, since we're no-kill, too.


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