Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Fridays.....

Mom tested NEGATIVE!!!

If you guys follow Miss Chrystal, you have already met the family above (and if you haven't, for pete's sake head over there  asap).  Mom has said she will foster the family and get them into rescue here....but we gotta GET them here....  SO - do you (or someone you know) live in Indiana or Illinois (near route 70) and want to spend a few hours with the cute??? Email us or Miss Chrystal.....

Oh, and like Miss Chrystal didn't have enough going on, she live trapped some kittens that her Older Daughter had seen. Caught one.....then another.....then finally the third - only this little boy has some injuries and a broken leg and needed surgery. There is a chip-in set up to help pay for his medical needs.

Duke and Luke update: mom thinks she knows EXACTLY what the neighbor-chick was thinking bringing the kittens home...cause she looked a little surprised when mom said to take them back inside and find a better alternative. (and NO that alternative is NOT US!!!) One more person who wants a pat on the back for "rescuing" without having a clue what they are doing - and expecting the rest of us to pick up the slack.

'Nuff said....  (and Connie - thanks for the pillow - the head banging is much more comfortable that way). The boys are doing much better.....they are purring when they see mom (the bringer of kibble) and letting her pet them. She was mumbling something about seeing if we can socialize them more this weekend. uh oh....

Thanks for the great comments from yesterday as well. They made mom smile. But the one from Frankie and Ernie made mom laugh out loud in the office:
I think this might be one of those...
What Goes Around (the neighborhood) Comes Around..(to the Bathroom). hehe

Oh - and mom also says that if they had been found in OUR neighborhood, she would start to wonder if they missed a big orange tabby boy in the great TNR round up.....cause that one boy kinda looks like someone who lives here:
(this is Junior - NOT one of the new guys)

After 5 days, Bourbon MAY finally be getting tired....but he loves that stringie.
He and Gin were dragging it up and down the hall last night.

Somehow that doesn't look comfortable.....yet mom finds them in there often.
Gin is the one with her feet up in the air, Bourbon is smooshed into the side.

Tim seems to have developed a small growth.

It only shows up when he lays down:

(yep, those small fuzzy bourbon appearing growths can be hazardous)

Have a great weekend. Mom is transporting some slobbery bloodhounds. And


  1. Those last two pics....Thank you for making our human's day. :-)

    We have our paws crossed for the transport from Chrystal's. And for the little one with the broken leg, poor sweetie.

  2. Gin and Bourbon look so cute all squished in together!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Good for you to take that Mom and kittens. You shouldn't have any trouble finding homes for them. It looks like they are all calico. Bourbon, you and Gin are too cute. You two just have to find a home together. Glad the other two are doing a little better. Busy times at your house. Have a fun weekend.

  4. Insure hope they get to you quickly and safely!

  5. Have a great weekend! Hailey, Zaphod, Baggy and Nin

  6. YAY! for being negative.

    :)@pillow. It does stink when people who dabble in rescue make more work for us, but consider the fact of what would have happened to them if she hadn't put her foot in it. And heck, it is far better then the complete other end of it in that at least she wasn't intending on hurting them.

    OMC, you finally wore out Bourbon?? wow, that must be magical string.. Everyone should so buy them!!

    LOL@Tim's growth. I'm pretty sure he wants that looked at, and patted and treats given ;)

  7. That picture of Gin and Bourbon look like they just finished tumbling around in the dryer. Hahaha.
    I wish I could give the kitties a nice long string too but after silly Felix swallowed one many months ago, I am rather apprehensive...

  8. Is Tim OK? I sure hope so!
    There's a whole lot of "awww"s in all of those pictures!
    Play bows,

  9. Bourbon is the bestest growth ever! LOL!! Yay!!

    Awwww you and Chrystal and all you working so hard for these little beauties are amazing!! Take care

  10. Life is never dull in your house is it?

    I hope someone is able to help the little family make their way to you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Bourbon growth! Love it! I think Tim wants to keep him...... :D

  12. Tim's growth made us MOL! So cute. :)

    Paws crossed that the logistics for the transport go smoothly. Thank you and Chrystal for all you are doing.



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