Thursday, September 27, 2012


Why is mom thumpin' her head on the wall?
Hey mom  - would it have something to do with the new guys in the bathroom?
     yep.....that would be it

Should we tell everyone what is going on before you injure more brain cells?
    sure - that would be great

OK, so when mom was coming home from work last  Friday, she saw two juvenile orange kittens whappin' on a neighbor's door. Now, mom isn't friends with most of the neighbors, but she knows this guy has a dog but doesn't have cats. Mom's only thought? "crap"

Deciding to stick her head in the sand (and why would you want to do that anyhow? how do you breathe??), she came home, put out food for Allie (the momma to the alcohol kittens), fed us and then had some dinner. Out of curiousity, she stuck her head out the balcony door after finishing her dinner and saw this: (the big gray box is the a/c unit outside the front door)

Really.....didn't we just do this with Eclipse???

Mom headed downstairs to see if the kitty was friendly - it certainly appeared to be one of the ones she had seen banging on the neighbor's door. As she got outside, the lady who lives across from us stuck her head out and said she would be right down.

It seems the neighbor-chick was working in a bad neighborhood (security work) on Thursday and these two kittens came right up to her. And they were so skinny and scared and she felt bad so she brought them home with her. Only she can't keep them, so Friday morning she just let them loose.
        ok - at this point it was ALL I could do not to strangle her.....

Who is tellin' this story mom??? convinced the neighbor-chick to take them back inside and find a better option. Which was good cause we had us a BIG BAD storm Friday night. On Saturday mom left flea meds and a note about the shelter for the neighbor-chick - but said she couldn't promise the shelter would be able to take them.

Forward to got a call about 2 kittens needing to be in foster for about 10 days until surgery. Mom agreed and went in Tuesday night for her volunteer shift and to pick up the kittens. (PS - Eclipse is doing great and just waiting for an open cage on the adoption floor - and a kitty went home last night, so hopefully really soon)  As mom went to see who she was taking home.....she realized it was the kittens from Friday.

Irony? Karma? You decide......

But now we have these guys in the bathroom. They are about 6 months old and cute, but freaked out right now. The shelter named them Luke and Duke. Mom has no idea which is which. The one with the white is friendlier than his brother. But they got a ways to go to get socialized....

Mom took Bourbon in there last night to see what would happen. The orange guy hissed at Bourbon (who was more interested in their toys than in them). The orange/white guy was by the bathroom door and Bourbon hissed at him. ugh....  But Gin keeps sticking her toes under the door and they seem interested. Of course, the orange guy has hissed at mom coming in the room a couple of times too. Hopefully a little more time will calm them down.


  1. So glad they are safe! The neighbor chick... did she decide being good to animals only goes for a few days?

  2. So glad they are safe! The neighbor chick... did she decide being good to animals only goes for a few days?

  3. I don't get why the neighbour even bothered in the first place, considering she just put them outside. But this certainly was an interesting twist of Fate! At least they're safe and sound with you now!

  4. Good grief. Guess this was just meant to be. The only good thing the neighbor did was possibly get them out of a really bad situation into a bad situation. And that was a step closer to getting them to you...a good situation for them.

  5. ever get the feeling they were meant to meet you?

    But yes, I totally understand the head banging.. but here, let me stick a pillow on the wall for you first.

  6. We think the kittens were looking for you but went to the wrong house - still they've found you now!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. You have that neon sign on your forehead like I do: all cats come here. At least that is what my husband claims.

  8. Heh heh heh. It sounds like the little gingies were trying to cut out the middle man and go straight into foster care!

  9. Sure glad to hear that someone else is a cat magnet. The one with white on it is kinda pretty. Hope they find a home really soon. Take care.

  10. Awwwww such beauties!! Glad they are with mum - I mean the neigbhour lady meant well but still.. oh well! Nevermind - they're safe now!! Take care

  11. It appears they were meant to come home with your mom. Thank her for taking care of all of these kitties for us.

  12. We totally understand where your mom is coming from, kit-cat pals. Good luck to Duke and Luke. And seriously, we're so thankful your mom is who she is.
    Play bows,

  13. As annoying as it may be, the neighbor chick sounds like she was just ignorant. Whatever it is, at least she did bring them to the shelter so that's good! Hopefully she's learnt something and if she comes across kitties next time, she'll do the right thing immediately. :)
    All the best with Duke and Luke. They are probably all stressed out from the moving around and different places...

  14. They look like our CC and Scouty!

    ::Mommy runs off to do a head count::

  15. I think this might be one of those...
    What Goes Around (the neighborhood) Comes Around..(to the Bathroom). hehe

  16. Ok, I can see being ticked that she put them out, but her first thought was to get them out of a bad neighborhood, so she's not all bad.. just... well, not long-term-helpful.. Poor little kitties. Glad they're safe, warm, and heading toward social now!
    You should stop banging your head now, you, my friend, are long-term-helpful! And wonderful!

  17. What is wrong with humans? Seriously, I don't get it at all. Well, I am glad those two boys wound up with someone helpful - cause it sounds like they need all the help they can get!

  18. we are glad these two are safe with you guys. They sure are handsome! we hope Luke and Duke will come around quick! purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  19. I just don't get people. But at least the kitties are safe...if you can ever get them to develop party manners they will probably find homes quickly because they ARE cute.

  20. Thank goodness they are safe with you. Poor guys, they must be panicked with all the changes over the past few days. I'm sure they will settle in soon. Hopefully before you have too many bruises!

  21. That other person makes no sense what she did with not going to the shelter immediatly, we are glad these two boys are safe now. They look like real sweeties.

  22. Yeah, sometimes human ignorance has our mom head banging too.... *sighhh*

  23. You think the kittens ***chose*** your Mom?


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