Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day...

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We here at Random Felines salute those that currently serve and have served in the past.

In our family:
Rudolph Kudich (paternal grandfather) - WWII Navy
Ivan Anderson (my dad's uncle on his mother side) - WWII Marine
Theodore Kudich (paternal great uncle - Rudy's brother) - WWII Army
Lloyd "Bud" Anderson (my dad's uncle on his mother side) - Korea Army

We are very proud of those that served - though we smile knowing that Grandpa Kudich never made it passed Panama before the war ended. 


  1. Hello Random Felines, In Canada we call this Rememberance Day and we join with you to honour all our heros past and present!

    We are following you now and look forward to reading all your adventures :-)

  2. This was a very nice was definitely a day to give paws for thought.


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