Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so much for that plan....

I picked up the vaccines last night to get the kittens their second set.  The rescue coordinator said that if Nevada weighed enough, he could be neutered today and to drop him off in the morning.

OK, so I tried that.  Except he didn't have an appointment.  And they wouldn't do the surgery anyhow as it wouldn't be a normal neuter.  See, Nevada is a chryptorcid (his testicles haven't descended).  Great.... So they want to wait a couple of months for him to get a little bit bigger.

I am going to have these kittens forever....  All this since I found a 2 week old kitten under a set of stairs and felt she needed a feline family.

I am blaming Bug.....   (LOL)


  1. Aw, poor Nevada!!! Sounds like it will be a tricky surgery for him, I think you are right to wait until he is a bit bigger.

    You have a good heart to look after them all so well. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow :-)

  2. What a good person you are for taking care of these babies!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


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