Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one orange jack

So this orange jack came in a package of other cat toys.  Who knew it would cause so much entertainment??

The kittens love to chase it.  I caught Maine sitting about 4 inches away from it the other day and smacking it, then jumping back, then smacking it....

Ivy LOVES this toy.  She takes it over to the stairs and drops it on the ledge where the railing should be.  It slides down the ledge and she runs down the stairs after it.  Carries it back up and does it over and over again....

Like all cat toys, it occasionally disappears and Ivy is overjoyed when it reappears!!  She carries it around. 

I have seen everyone play with it and several carry it around.  I don't know why this toy is better than others (except for those catnip pillows), but it is!!!

Everyone is doing well.  Chiclet is out and about all the time.  The kittens are out during the day and in the bathroom at night.  The bigger litter box seems to be working - YEAH!!!

I am still trying to get a decent shot of Utah standing next to another cat to get some perspective - no one will hold still long enough.  This is the best I could do last night.


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