Monday, November 22, 2010

What a weekend....

Did my first transport on Saturday.  My Mom went with me and we delivered Mary to the next leg on her way to her new foster home.
We were helping out Coonhound Rescue.  It was originally supposed to be a pair of puppies, but one of the transporters is also a foster and he kept the puppies and Mary moved to the new foster home.  She is about 9 months old and was so sweet.  I got her in the back of my car and she walked up and tried to kiss Mom.  Once the car got moving, she laid right down and traveled like a champ.  We send her good wishes!!!

Sunday was spent running errands.  I got my car over to my parents house.  I am getting a new car in February and will sell mine.  However, Dad bought himself a truck and so since they now have 3 cars, I am using his Jetta so we can put my Beetle in the school parking lot over the holiday weekend.

Spent Sunday afternoon playing with the kittens....they are a lot of fun!!  And we discovered a new game - cat in the box.  I took home a box used for envelopes from work and the kittens had been sleeping in it.  Since everyone is out now, the box is in the living room....and being used by everyone:

Dakota, Utah & Maine


Ivy (honestly, I didn't think she would fit all the way in that box)



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  1. There is nothing like a nice box to play or sleep in! My kitties love it when a new appliance or something like that comes to the house because there is lots of packing materials to play with and a great new box can last for ages :-)


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