Friday, August 18, 2017

Random Fridays

         UPDATE: Flynn and Bogart were ADOPTED TOGETHER last night!!!
Bogart and Flynn are still at the adoption center. Mom did get a little excited as someone had expressed interest in them, but alas those people changed their minds and the boys are still available.

Rooney and Harlow are doing well at the partner store. Mom says when she dropped them off last weekend, they were completely well adjusted. It's nice not to see them freaking out, but mom says it would be nice if they could at least ACT like they were going to miss her until she leaves the store. In the meantime, they are having fun harassing ankles that walk by their cage. One of the store associates told mom that a lady came in to the store the other day with her standard poodle that is a bit....barky. MOL The dog stuck her nose right in the cage with the kittens (which is something we certainly wish people didn't do to cats in cages at stores like this) but the kittens didn't seem to have a care in the world.

Bacall is recovering well from surgery on Wednesday to be spayed. She has been on and off sneezy though so mom is going to keep her here a few more days just to be careful. That said, she is certainly ready for her forever home.

Beyond that, nothing too exciting here this weekend. The little kittens are 8 weeks old today but going to be one of those groups that just takes longer to get to 2 pounds. With Panache weighing in just over 6 pounds and coming from a bad situation, no surprise there. They did get their first rounds of shots however, so they are getting closer to being ready. They are certainly having a good time playing in the bigger space of the foster room. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

little kittens





Remember to check the web cam (tab at the top of the page) to watch them playing (or more likely sleeping) through out the day. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

on the loose

With her siblings all off at the adoption center or a partner store, Miss Bacall would have been in the foster room by herself. Except we needed that space for Panache and the kittens. She could have gone in the crate, but she is big enough to be out and honestly after listening to her brothers howl in the crate, there is no reason for it.

As of Saturday morning, Bacall had free run of the house. She came right out and made herself at home - no hissing, no nothing with the permanent residents. Of course, none of them got too bent out of shape about her being out either. She did get up in Mozart's face at one point and he gave her the paw of doom so she has learned decided to leave him alone.
It has been a while since there were kittens on the loose in the house. Mom wasn't too sure how it would go overnight. Saturday night Bacall found somewhere else to sleep - mom thinks most likely on the back of the sofa since that is where she was Sunday morning. However, Sunday night Bacall got up on the bed and made herself right at home. Luckily, she picked a spot right next to mom's pillow once the lights went out and she didn't move all night except to occasionally get more comfortable.

Of course, there are always toys to play with....and a Daiquiri to get interested.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

change of space

Let us out....

Saturday afternoon the foster room was cleaned and Panache and the little kittens took up residence. Panache sniffed around, found the food and water, then fell over for a nap.

The kittens sniffed everything, Fish hid for a while, they started to play, then decided to hide for a while just in case.

Fish isn't so sure about the open spaces

Mallard and Foxy have found the incline scratcher

Momma Panache

yep - more kittens find the trackball fascinating

yes, she is sticking her toes in first

Mallard is the most outgoing of the bunch. They are still a little jumpy in the new space and checking things out. Mom is a little scary for them but they will come over and see her after a couple of minutes. Hopefully with more space to run around and mom able to spend more time in there with them, they will come around and be more outgoing. Mom hasn't had a chance to weigh them but they will be 7 weeks old on Friday, so at least a couple more weeks.

Monday, August 14, 2017

weekend report

Mom took Rooney and Harlow to an adoption event on Saturday morning. They did great - interested in the store and all the people and generally unfazed by the noise. After that, there was an opening at the partner store where mom cleans, so they are now up there looking to be adopted. Paws crossed. Mom did get a text from her friend that also cleans that they were all lovey on Sunday though some kitten did try to escape. MOL



Hanging out at the event

Mom came home from the event and cleaned the foster room, transferring Panache and the kittens into there. Bacall was released into the house and we will tell you more about that later. So far the little kittens are seeming to enjoy having more space....and so is Panache. Bacall just can't seem to figure out why she can't get back INTO the room.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Please adopt Chanel

Our last remaining design kitten still hasn't been adopted.

She is on the rescue's website, so she can be seen on various rescue sites as well. She is at the adoption center but caught a cold being in the "teenage" kitten room. Mom wonders if the stress of being up there isn't helping her.

We are asking if you all would be willing to share her on facebook and/or twitter for us. Mom says if you or anyone you know is interested, email us at for more information and adoption information. Mom says she is willing to drive a couple of hours if someone nearby is looking for a super sweet, confident, outgoing tuxedo kitten.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Random Fridays

It was pointed out to us in the comments yesterday that it was our Blogoversary (oops). 9 years of posting about the permanent residents and foster kittens. Thanks as always for coming along for the ride.

Do you recognize this cat??
This is Miss Katie Isabella. Mom got to spend some time with her mom when she was visiting her parents in Tennessee. Miss Katie came out for a few minutes when she discovered mom brought treats.

Check out the sign mom hung on one of the doors to the foster room. Mudpie's mom lives in the land of no retail shopping and asked if someone would be willing to pick up a couple of things at a home store. Since there is one right near mom's office, she volunteered. And of course picked up a couple of things for herself. Including this sign.... Mo approves (though he wishes there was no "S" on the word cat)  (fyi - the chain you see isn't attached to the sign or the holder - it goes to the light in the background that is hidden behind the sign - nice picture taking skills mom)

Bacall is trying to figure out the phone
Mom has to leave it upside down or some kitten will 
inevitably slide across it and turn it on
(that ring is from Triple-T Studios)

Guess what??? A certain one-eyed kitten was adopted on Wednesday. Mom wasn't at the adoption center, but a friend of hers was and mom got a text. A family that adopted from the rescue before came in specifically looking for a black kitten since they know they don't get adopted as quickly. Strangely, there are no black kittens at the adoption center at the moment. (weird right?) Miss Amanda pointed them over to the boys in their tower and they fell in love with Romero.
Romero - ADOPTED

Harlow was spayed on Wednesday and Rooney got his stitches out and the cone off. The clinic said Rooney was a serious ham all day at the clinic - we have no doubt he was BORED out of his mind and enjoying having the cone off.

Mom has an adoption event tomorrow morning and will be taking those two. From there they will head up to the adoption center. When mom gets home she will figure out how to rearrange everyone else.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Harlow and Bacall

We just have to say right off the bat that this has been a fabulous group of kittens. OK - they have been snotty and had eyeball issues and given mom some heartburn. But....they are lovey and purry and outgoing and never met a stranger. They have wonderful personalities and will make great additions to any family.

Harlow was spayed on Wednesday. Bacall has some on again/off again snot and mom didn't want to deal with the clinic, so she is on hold for right now. However, the girls are hilarious together and have such similar markings that mom thought she would give them a day to themselves on the blog.

Bacall in action sliding over Harlow's head

Harlow in purple (front) and Bacall in red (back)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

wordless Wednesday (mostly)

*ok - that last one makes mom laugh like crazy. Poor Rooney, cone on, zipper showing.... hahaha

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

meet up

Yesterday we showed you pictures of Panache and the kittens in a crate in the living room. However, before mom decided to move them, she opened up the big exercise pen and used it to block off space in the hallway and sat down to spend some time with this group.
Godzilla had to come check things out
(she kept trying to climb over to mooch kitten food visit)
mom spent more time making Daiquiri stay down than anything else.

Daiquiri and Mallard checking each other out

Mom wasn't sure what Panache would do about seeing Daiquiri.
Obviously she has know about the cats on the other side of the door, 
but she hasn't seen one in person. Thankfully she was so very good.
She came out, sniffed some and went back in for a nap.
Check out how much Mallard looks like her momma.

Ivy coming to check things out. 
The kittens were curious and no one pulled out their stranger danger suits.

Foxy isn't too sure about things but still curious

"come closer"
Hey look - Fish finally ventured out.
She is definitely the shyest of the kittens and it took her 
a little longer to decide she wanted to see what was happening in the hall.

Mozart comes to check out the kittens

After a while of this it become more evident that the bathroom wasn't working. While the floor space is a little more in the bathroom, they are trying harder to escape. Hopefully within the next couple of days we can work something else out. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

weekend report

We had nice cool weather here so there were open windows. Supposed to be warmer by the middle of the week though, so back to the cold air being on and windows closed.

No adoptions over the weekend. However the volunteers are getting so they ALL know the boys. They are wild and crazy. Hopefully this week.

Pretty momma cat Panache

stitches come out Wednesday

Mom wanted to see what would happen and also get the bathroom back, so she moved Panache and the kittens into the crate still set up in the living room. Panache is SO laid back - nothing fazes her and she is fine with the racket around here and the cats looking into the crate.

Daiquiri is obviously the most curious.

Mom doesn't want to mix these guys in with the rat pack kittens. They are too much bigger and Bacall has some unresolved respiratory issues. Plus Rooney is a bit of a hazard to himself and others with that cone on right now. MOL

Friday, August 4, 2017

Random Fridays

Mom took Flynn, Bogart and Romero up to the adoption center last night. She got the OK to move a few kittens around so the boys could be in the same tower together. Then she tried to get good pictures of their faces to put online. Some kittens were more cooperative than others. 

This boy is a lover. He will launch himself at people to get attention.

Don't let the missing eye fool you, he is looking for adventure.

He is charming but is going to need a sibling or friend to wear him out.

In the meantime, it was cooler outside last night and it supposed to not get so hot for a couple of days around here. Mom opened the windows and put in the screen inserts. She was hoping to be able to leave the screen door in the foster room open and did so about 3 inches. It was just enough that Bacall could squeeze through....
Mom shut the door before she left for work.

Have a wonderful weekend....stay safe, stay cool and enjoy yourselves.