Friday, August 25, 2017

what's in the bag

It takes more stuff than you would think to haul kittens off to an adoption event. Crates, table, box of information and donation box, mom's chair, kittens...and their stuff.
Miss Julie from Cats Herd You gave mom this really nice canvas bag one year at Blog Paws. It is a great size and has long handles. Perfect for hauling around....stuff. Mom started out just throwing everything in there, but it was hard to find things and then things were getting lost or smooshed or duplicated. Time to get organized....

The purple blanket goes in first. Mom was thinking that she needs to get some pet safe wipes to add to the bag, so that is on the list. There are always paper towels and usually an old towel as well in the car, so mom does have other clean up stuff available.

How to organize the bag you ask?
Cheap pencil boxes. Yep....less than a dollar each as kids are going back to school. They line up nicely in the bag, are see through, stay shut, and are easy to manage.

decorating stuff, signs, pens and markers

mom stuff: tissues, bandaids, allergy meds, drink mixes for water

harnesses and leashes (and the infamous flower collar)


treats, snacks, dishes, brush and misc. stuff

The blue folder thingy holds her paperwork - applications, contracts, health records and the like. Since it all fits together and the bag is the right size, it has taken up a place in the car by the front seat. That way mom has stuff if she needs it and it is easy to get to when she heads off to an event. She just adds snacks and a drink for her and she is ready to go. (after loading all the OTHER stuff into the car)

Speaking of events, mom is going to be at a local apartment complex tomorrow promoting adoptions and giving out information. She will take Bacall and the little kittens. 


  1. Sounds like that is such a good way to organize all the stuff. Well done. Have a great day and a good adoption promotion.

  2. Hmmm...maybe mom bean needs a bigger purse that would hold pencil cases. She can't find anything in there.

    Great organizational skills!

  3. Brilliant! Pencil boxes are the perfect size for everything. You are awesome! And thank you for going out to the apartment complex!

  4. That's so serious planning! Bet the process expanded over time...trial and error...and now you are impressively provisioned! Good luck in the apartment complex!

  5. THAT is a really well organized bag.

  6. Using the pencil boxes is brilliant! Our mom loves organizie stuff like that!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. guyz...whoa...frank lee we dinna think ther waz that much stuffz ! fishes two morrow .... we hope de event izza huge success ☺☺♥♥

  8. So organized, I love it! Love the canvas bag, too.

  9. I love the idea with the pencil boxes! I stopped carrying a purse years ago because I could never find anything in it. Hopefully you'll get a clowder of adoptions tomorrow. I love that an apt complex is part of the event - usually they have ridiculous policies for cats (declawed, non-refundable deposits, plus pet rent).

  10. An excellent idea, those pencil cases. And yes, I imagine transporting kittens must be like taking babies travelling: the young require so much paraphenalia!

  11. what a lovely gift.. and it is nice to see how you organize it all


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