Friday, May 26, 2017

meeting new friends

Among the other things the kittens got to experience, our friends from Kitty Cat Chronicles brought Sophie to the hotel room for a visit.
Everybody put on their stranger danger suits at first.

And then Gucci decided Sophie wasn't so scary. As she walked around the room checking everything out, he started following her. It was pretty cute.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tidy Cats Direct litter box

We are a Chewy Influencer and got this product at no charge for our honest review. Receiving the product in no way influenced our opinions.

When mom got the email last month, she wasn't going to get anything to review simply as she wasn't going to be home during Blog Paws and was going to be running around trying to get organized.

However....the Tidy Cats Direct Disposal Litter Box showed up and mom knew that was perfect. No separate boxes, no containers of litter to drag around...everything all in one container. All mom had to do was bring a scoop and bags to scoop into. Chewy lists this at $26.60 and the information states it should last 1 cat for 1 month. We have NO idea if that is true or not....we sure don't have one cat and we go through a lot of litter in one month. That said, 3 kittens in one week barely put a dent in the litter (so mom brought the whole thing home and put it in the foster room).

Keep in mind, this is 13.5 pounds. The 8.5 pound container of light weight Tidy Cats costs $11.98.

  - direct delivery
  - light weight litter
  - all in one container
  - the kittens took right too it no issues at all
  - the box is lined with a coating to keep it from leaking

  - light weight litter (geez that stuff can fly around a room)
  - low sided box - if you have a flinger or a cat that pees standing up, this won't work

All in all, this is a great idea for traveling. Mom gives it 2 thumbs up!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

all sorts of fun

Mom headed off last week for the Blog Paws conference. This year it was in Myrtle Beach SC.

The drive was about 10 hours and mom made it in one shot. The kittens traveled pretty well - some protesting for the first hour or so. Once mom got there, she got everything out of the car and up to the room. First step was to set up the kittens in the bathroom and safety check the room. Mom and Miss Julie shoved pillows at the head of the bed, but then discovered the box spring was bigger than the platform on the floor. Which meant the kittens could actually get under the bed. Fortunately after the first day the kittens got comfortable and were usually out and about.

mom's roommate was the head peep from 

Miss Julie  brought presents, including
this kitten sized camper

Mom loves that the kittens get a chance to experience so many new things when they travel like this. New spaces, new people, new smells and spaces. Harness and leashes and wide open spaces. Armani was the most bombproof and went lots of places. Gucci also did very well though the exhibit hall wasn't his favorite place. Dior was a little more hesitant out of the hotel room, but after a little more exposure, they did very well and seemed unfazed by the whole thing.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A quick note

Mom had a great time at Blog Paws. She got home yesterday after stopping to see her family on the way home. She took today off from work and hopes to get unpacked, laundry done and a couple of posts done. Of course to do that, she needs to remember where she packed the camera (or stumble across it as she unpacks).

Thursday, May 18, 2017

the boys

Boy pictures....

(still known as "ouch dammit")

Gucci checks Versace for brain activity
we are pretty sure he didn't find much

yes, he always looks startled
(and yes their eyes are turning color...booo)

I keel you
I keel you more

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blog Paws

I'm Going to BlogPaws 2017! Join me!

Mom is headed off to Blog Paws. She is going to try to get a few posts up in advance, but no promises. And she isn't taking the laptop, so nothing will get done while she is gone. Be sure you are following us on facebook, twitter and/or instagram as she will be posting. And follow the #blogpaws to see our friends as well. Mom is looking forward the most to seeing her friends again as she only goes every other year. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

momma and her girls

Millie is a very good momma, but as the kittens are now 7 weeks old, she is finding them a little less amusing. She tends to get up and try to find somewhere else to take a nap if they won't leave her alone.
Dior, Millie and Chanel

Chanel and her momma

Monday, May 15, 2017

weekend report

It was fairly quiet here this weekend thankfully. Plus nice weather with open windows!!

"ouch dammit" (Versace) tried to convince mom that he is a nice well behaved kitten when she took him out on a trip to socialize. He was actually very good in the car, but he is still a bitey little monster. MOL

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Random Fridays

Oops - mom forgot that Junior's birthday was on Wednesday. HAPPY 7th Birthday!!

By the way, mom would like to know how the heck it has been 7 years!!

We have contestants for the Blog Paws trip. Right now mom is sure she is taking Gucci and Armani, and is leaning toward including Dior.
Gucci was so excited he fell asleep

Dior is stunned that she made the list

Armani knew he was in all along.

Here's the deciding factors: they have to be outgoing and people friendly. They have to be pretty calm about weird things going on. They have to like to be picked up and carried around.

Gucci and Armani have this in spades....they are the first to jump on mom for attention. They do get squirmy being held, but all kittens do. However, they don't immediately fight to get down.

Dior is a little behind them. She comes over for attention and likes it but seems to sometimes have better things to do.

Chanel is a little skittish and shy right now. Mom is concerned travel and being around crowds would freak her out.

As for this hairy orange monster:
the kitten about to be renamed "ouch dammit"
He's a biter.....and he has no remorse or shame. He will let you hold him but he has much more interesting things to do somewhere else thank-you-very-much. He comes right over for attention and love, but just is WAY more trouble than anyone needs in a hotel room. Seriously.... And did we mention he bites???

Why 3 kittens? It actually works out....if mom takes one out of the room, there is still a pair to keep each other company. Mom feels bad if she takes one and they don't have a friend in the room or if she takes 2 and one spends time alone when the other is out of the room. She took 3 kittens to Nashville and it seemed to work out very well. Plus, if she gets one that absolutely freaks out being in a crowd due to noise or whatever, she has other options.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


The kittens would once again like to thank their Fairy Catmother for the duck. He is VERY popular and there is normally at least one if not two kittens sleeping on him at a time.
Armani has a think
(we hope he doesn't hurt himself - haha)

Chanel ponders if there is enough room up there for her

Armani toes

and because we can show them...
Daiquiri toes

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

in and out and around

This scratcher is a big hit in the foster room. So far all the kittens can still fit in the holes and that leads to all sorts of fun and games.
Versace half in the scratcher from the front
Gucci going in from the side

Armani sneaks up from the other side

suddenly - Chanel appears
no wonder the boys were so interested

Versace and Armani wage an epic battle for the scratcher

After everyone finally leaves, 
Chanel sneaks off hoping to avoid future battles

They really do have a blast playing with that thing. We suspect they will be seriously heartbroken when they won't fit in the holes any longer.

Mom forgot to get weights this week, but everyone continues to do well - eating and playing hard. Amazing to think they are 6 weeks old now.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the shelves

Mom thought she was being smart. She didn't want Millie moving the kittens to the bottom shelf of the cabinet, so she put a small carrier and a bunch of towels in there. You can see how well THAT is working.... long as they aren't big enough to get into trouble and get up on the second shelf.

Ummmm....about that....

And getting down is even harder:

We think if mom had been REALLY smart, she would have bought a cabinet with doors! MOL

Monday, May 8, 2017

weekend report

It was pretty quiet around here. Pretty chilly for May, so no open windows. Mom spent lots of time with the kittens. They are pretty bitey - especially Versace.
Dior and her momma's tail


(he always looks startled)

Chanel again

Gucci, Dior and Versace getting a snack

Mom forgot to weigh them over the weekend, but they did get their first vaccines. Hard to believe they will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.