Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tidy Cats Direct litter box

We are a Chewy Influencer and got this product at no charge for our honest review. Receiving the product in no way influenced our opinions.

When mom got the email last month, she wasn't going to get anything to review simply as she wasn't going to be home during Blog Paws and was going to be running around trying to get organized.

However....the Tidy Cats Direct Disposal Litter Box showed up and mom knew that was perfect. No separate boxes, no containers of litter to drag around...everything all in one container. All mom had to do was bring a scoop and bags to scoop into. Chewy lists this at $26.60 and the information states it should last 1 cat for 1 month. We have NO idea if that is true or not....we sure don't have one cat and we go through a lot of litter in one month. That said, 3 kittens in one week barely put a dent in the litter (so mom brought the whole thing home and put it in the foster room).

Keep in mind, this is 13.5 pounds. The 8.5 pound container of light weight Tidy Cats costs $11.98.

  - direct delivery
  - light weight litter
  - all in one container
  - the kittens took right too it no issues at all
  - the box is lined with a coating to keep it from leaking

  - light weight litter (geez that stuff can fly around a room)
  - low sided box - if you have a flinger or a cat that pees standing up, this won't work

All in all, this is a great idea for traveling. Mom gives it 2 thumbs up!!


  1. Great review, but like you we have more than one cat and that probably wouldn't last more than an hour. But that was such a good review. Have a great day.

  2. Pawsome idea for travelling (and kittens). Mom bean doesn't know exactly who is the flinger (Saku) but she's pretty sure the short box wouldn't work here. But she sure does love the lightweight kitty litter.

  3. That was pretty handy, considering you were going to BlogPaws! We actually use a disposable litter box with my favorite litter when we travel. This is probably more convenient, but pricier.

  4. it is nice that you had something so easily transportable. I'm sure it comes in handy for shelters transporting cats, or people moving..

  5. We're glad that it worked for you. It would be good for traveling cats.

  6. We were wondering about these. Sounds like they're great for travel.

  7. That does sound like it would be great for traveling!

  8. Very cool. Sounds like a good box for a cat on the go! :-)


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