Friday, May 12, 2017

Random Fridays

Oops - mom forgot that Junior's birthday was on Wednesday. HAPPY 7th Birthday!!

By the way, mom would like to know how the heck it has been 7 years!!

We have contestants for the Blog Paws trip. Right now mom is sure she is taking Gucci and Armani, and is leaning toward including Dior.
Gucci was so excited he fell asleep

Dior is stunned that she made the list

Armani knew he was in all along.

Here's the deciding factors: they have to be outgoing and people friendly. They have to be pretty calm about weird things going on. They have to like to be picked up and carried around.

Gucci and Armani have this in spades....they are the first to jump on mom for attention. They do get squirmy being held, but all kittens do. However, they don't immediately fight to get down.

Dior is a little behind them. She comes over for attention and likes it but seems to sometimes have better things to do.

Chanel is a little skittish and shy right now. Mom is concerned travel and being around crowds would freak her out.

As for this hairy orange monster:
the kitten about to be renamed "ouch dammit"
He's a biter.....and he has no remorse or shame. He will let you hold him but he has much more interesting things to do somewhere else thank-you-very-much. He comes right over for attention and love, but just is WAY more trouble than anyone needs in a hotel room. Seriously.... And did we mention he bites???

Why 3 kittens? It actually works out....if mom takes one out of the room, there is still a pair to keep each other company. Mom feels bad if she takes one and they don't have a friend in the room or if she takes 2 and one spends time alone when the other is out of the room. She took 3 kittens to Nashville and it seemed to work out very well. Plus, if she gets one that absolutely freaks out being in a crowd due to noise or whatever, she has other options.


  1. Belated happy birthday, Junior!

    As for the kittens, they'll be a big hit at Blog Paws! Versace needs to learn not to bite, though! (Is there a way to teach a kitten not to do that? The biped's been pretty lucky with us--once in a while not often, Derry will bite softly when overstimulated by petting, but gets an immediate hiss and a cessation of all attention. He's not quite bright enough to make the association, though. Ha.)

    1. there are several things you can try - mom has tried them all and he thinks it is just an excuse to come back and bite her again. rude little monkey :)

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Everyone will love having the kittens around. What a great way to let them get used to lots of people. Have a great day.

  3. Oh this will be wonderful for them and for you, Mama. Happy Birthday Jr. I (Admiral and I) remember you all 7 years!

  4. Happy Birthday Junior! Three sounds like the perfect number and our Mom wishes she was going to BlogPaws to see those cuties.

  5. Happy Birthday Junior!

    Safe travels kittens (and mom). We bet you are the hit of the show.

  6. Those BlogPaws attendees are going to be so lucky to have kittens!

  7. How fun for the conference goers to be able to see these cuties! Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Versace's picture almost looks like a mugshot ... "What? what?!?! I'm cute! That has to count for something!" I don't know what I'll do if I don't get bitten for an entire FOUR days! I might even remember how nice that is ;)

  9. Happy birthday Junior -and many more !
    Have a good trip with whichever Mouseketeers you choose !

  10. Happy belated to Junior!!!!!
    Ooooh, how our mom wishes she was going to that conference! She'd love to cuddle those little kit-cats!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  11. Trust me, those 3 will all be out of the room with everyone at Blogpaws wanting to get their hands on kittens!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Junior!

  13. looks like you put a lot of thought into that :D I'm just sad I wasn't there to put my grabby hands on them.

    Happy Birthday Junior.


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