Monday, May 29, 2017

lots of fun

Our final post about Blog Paws:
There is a running inside joke from several years ago along a few cat bloggers about cupcakes. When mom and Miss Julie (from Sometimes Cats Herd You) and Mom Paula (from Sweet Purrfections) found out there was a cupcake shop nearby, they took a road trip. The kittens got a cupcake of their own to try out. Dior wasn't interested, but the boys got a little bit of frosting to try. (not much - we know it isn't good for them).

Dior and Gucci hanging out in the room

helping the head peep from Sometimes Cats Herd You 
sell Rescued 2

no, he wasn't allowed to sample the candy

conferencing is hard

Thanks to everyone who was kind about handling the kittens and helped their social skills. Especially thanks to Miss Julie - we know she had fun with the kittens as roommates, but they were certain that morning started each day at about 6:30am.

We are back and settled into our routine. Millie was spayed on Friday and will be up at a partner store for adoption. The kittens go for surgery tomorrow and will either go to the adoption center or may hang around for a few days to go to a big adoption event.


  1. Yummy, cupcakes. Oh I do hate to see the kittens go but know they need to find homes.Hope Millie finds a great home. Have a great day.

  2. Oh, our moms luff cupcakes too. And we're glad the tiny ones got just a wee taste.

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time! I'm surprised those kittens didn't get snatched up and stolen! MOL I would have been tempted to stick one in my purse and slowly walk away..

  4. The humans here are big cupcake fans too - but we never get tastes! I'm also surprised that nobody took those kittens at BlogPaws. They are impossibly cute!

  5. Did everyone there just want to scoop you up and cuddle you? Because that's what my mom would have wanted to do!

  6. If those little guys didn't help sell things, nothing would work.

  7. 6:30 am ? Those kittens are very nice to let humans sleep for so long ! Purrs

  8. he wasn't trying to sample the candy, he was trying to nap on it.


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