Monday, August 24, 2020

ready to go

 Well, it's sort of that time. We've had a lot of kittens get to the same age at the same time. Since the kitten cages at the rescue are full, mom got the capital kittens showing online but they will be here for a little while. Let's be honest...not a hardship. 

(yes, his ears really are that big)



  1. Such sweeties! It's been a long time since we have wee kittens; Da Boyz and The PO'M are big boys, and Sweetie may be small, but a kitten she is NOT!

  2. They really are so cute. Wow that would be fun to have kittens again

  3. Yeah, I bet you are NOT suffering having to keep these guys a little longer.

  4. I'm not sad to hear that they'll be with you a bit longer. They are just so cute!

  5. Those little faces with those big ears...


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