Monday, August 10, 2020

meet the newbies

 The new fosters have been with us a few days and need names. Mom decided to go with a state capital theme to be known as the #capitalkittens. She did get tired of not knowing who was who, so the black kittens got collars. The girl is in pink (the other girl is the tuxedo) and the boys are in red and blue.

The first picture is the girl, the middle two the boys. 

Names: tuxedo girl - Albany, black girl - Juneau, blue collar boy - Bismarck, red collar boy - Columbia.

Juneau and Columbia are both super friendly. Bismarck and Albany are a little unsure but we know they will come around in no time.


  1. Such adorableness, and cute names too!

  2. Those are great names for cute kittens.

  3. hay ewe wee onez; yur namez bee awesum; just make sure therz NOE QUIZZ on this later; itz kinda like hiss tree & geografee rolled inta one with out LUNCH BRAKE ;) ☺☺♥3

  4. They are so darling! We're sure they'll grow into their names furry soon.

  5. Albany looks like she has places to go. As usual, they are cuteness personified…

  6. What awesome names. And what adorable kittens!


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