Monday, August 31, 2020

Sunday morning

 The rescue got in New kittens last week and try to get them into foster homes as quick as possible. Mom picked up a mom plus 3 kittens in Friday night.

*on a side note, this means the capital kittens have been loose in the house since then. Good grief....

 Well mom woke up Sunday morning and checked the foster camera to see this: kittens in the pen. Mom went to check and discovered the momma cat has pulled a towel out of a drawer and put the kittens inside. Scrolling back on the video feed, she did it some time around 5:15am. We have no idea why of course. Mom did worry about them being in there without their momma, but a different clip shows she can clearly fit in there with them (though it can't be comdortable). We will just have to see what happens.


  1. Mama cats make a hobby out of finding new places to hide their babies!
    We never found Sweetie's two kittens; she kept moving them.
    The first time she brought them to our deck to eat was close to the six-week mark.

  2. Maybe she thought the pen was too big. I laughed as she moved #2 - it was obviously a wiggly kitten.

  3. Oh we remember those days. Kittens all over the house, here, there, and then settled in. Momma is a good girl taking good care and we appreciate the videos. What fun

  4. Moms are always looking out for their kittens!

  5. Mum was worried about something; what, only she will know.


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