Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wellness treats #ChewyInfluencer

We got Wellness treats from Chewy.com for our review in December. They come in 6 varieties and we got to try the chick-hen. They are grain free though they do have some veggies and fruits in there.

All mom has to do around here is shake a bag and we will all magically appear!! Even Dandelion and Cassis got in on the action this time.

treats for the baby? thank you very much

Everyone liked these....even Ivy and Mozart who can be picky sometimes.

mom couldn't resist this shot - from top to bottom that is
Dandelion, Cassis and Spud

Mom is trying to keep us grain free so she is glad these were offered. Most of us will do just about anything for treats, though occasionally Ivy and Mozart will stand back and not be interested. Not with these though....mom was handing them out and then gave out seconds just in case.

*Thanks Chewy.com for giving us the treats to try. We are a #ChewyInfluencer and got our treats for free but that does not influence our opinions in any way. Reviews on this blog are our honest opinion.


  1. Well those treats sure were a success. They sound very healthy too. You all have a great day.

  2. Whoa, surprised that you weren't knocked over in the cat stampede to treats! Cute photos; glad all enjoyed!

    1. you do have to learn to keep your fingers well back :)

  3. That last is a great picture. We hope they play nice with the tot.

  4. Replies
    1. I touched a bag of salt for my fish and I had four cats at my feet who were not convinced that a bag of salt was not relevant to their interests.


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