Monday, March 18, 2013

plan, what plan???

Quick Emma update: Mom got a text this morning. X-ray showed just soft tissue injury to her back leg. No real definitive answers on what is going on her with her when they arrived at the hospital but she seems to be acting better. She is supposed to be on cage rest, so mom is going to talk to the manager at Petco about just taking her back there. Heaven knows she won't get any rest at our house. MOL  (hey Kelly: what kind of climber do you use at Petco - we have tried a couple of different ones and can't find anything that is really tall enough).

Mom had a plan for Saturday. Pick up the blood hounds, run north. Come back, get lunch. Pick up the cane corso, drive west. Come back, get groceries. Go home watch basketball.

Well, the transports went well, but if you read the post yesterday about Emma, you will know the day didn't go quite as planned. But, we thought we would share the transport part with you.

Charlie and Ellie Mae are headed to Canada. Charlie is going to his foster home and Ellie Mae is headed to a foster-to-adopt home. Charlie was super sweet. Mom doesn't normally crate dogs for transport, but she knew that Charlie didn't know Ellie Mae and worried what would happen in the back seat of a small car.

Ellie Mae was the bloodhound you think about when you think about bloodhounds. Joyful, goofy and wonderful. Mom said she and Ellie Mae had to tango a couple of time to convince Ellie Mae to sit IN THE BACK!!! And Ellie Mae was a kisser....she got mom a couple of times from the back seat. :)

Mom says if she ever gets a dog, it may end up being a bloodhound and she wants one like Ellie Mae. We know her foster-to-adopt family is going to meet her and know they can't live without her.

And then the afternoon was Apollo. He is an 8 month old Cane Corso....weighing in at 65 pounds (mom mumbled something about "puppy my @##"). But he was super sweet and great in the car. And another kisser. Mom was meeting his new mom and dad so got to hand him off on his way home.

Mom will say this - she picked up Apollo at a local vet office. As she got there, another client walked in with a very overweight Malamute. Apparently had an appointment with the groomer. And the appointment had been screwed up and he was getting angry with the receptionist. In the meantime, he let his dog wander all over the lobby. Rachel (with the rescue who also works at the vet office) came out with Apollo and mom asked the guy to grab his dog. His response "she wouldn't hurt a fly". ugh! Rachel said that Apollo was a rescue and we don't know his background. Mom ended up body blocking the Mal so Rachel and Apollo could get out the door. As the dog wandered closer, mom slammed her foot down on the dog's leash. The guy turned and look like he was gonna say something to mom - she said she raised one eyebrow in the "dare you" expression and he never said another word. Makes mom certain that some people should be required to take a quiz before getting a dog.....or an IQ test.


  1. Wow, what a busy weekend your mombean had! Those are very handsome woofies that your mom is helping. HOpe they will be happy in their new homes.


  2. Our "climber" is more like one of those two story cat cubbies (where the kitties can tuck themselves inside). We put it under the hole to the second floor of cages so that the cats usually make a two-step jump to the upper floor... one jump to the top of the cubby, one hop through the hole. They still have to make a jump, but it's a much easier one and they have a chance to control their movement through the hole from a closer starting point.

    But there's always one cat who decides that they're going to nap on top of the cubby. There's only two endings for this.... a kitty who is unhappy at having their route blocked or a kitty who is unhappy at being bounced on while they sleep.

  3. Your poor Mommy had a really busy weekend! Take good care of her this week and get her to rest! After all, she's the one who brings home the bacon {I mean the treats}

  4. Didn't realize your Mom was a transporter-thank her for us, please!

    And we agree about that owner IQ test:-)

  5. At the very least, one of those should be required. We don't want to but we will give the guy the benefit of the doubt with the hope that this is not his normal behavior and that he was Just mad because of the messed up appointment. Good job with getting those doggies taken care of. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  6. Well done mum for putting her foot down - literally!!!

    Take care

  7. whew, so very glad it was just a soft tissue injury and nothing worse...!

  8. The ONLY time I was ever bitten by a dog it was by a "wouldn't hurt a fly" dog. A chihuahua. I should have known better 'cause they are nasty little things. You do not know how a dog is going to behave in any given situation UNLESS the dog is VERY well trained. And most are not.

  9. I second Old Kitty! Put your foot down! It would have served this guy right if 'your' dog had bit his! not so good for your dog though, so I'm glad that didn't happen! Maybe someone needs to bite that guy in the butt..
    You certainly had a busy busy weekend! I hope you have a more relaxing week! And that Emma recovers quickly!

  10. Oh I so agree with you about dogs in the vet office. I ran into one once that was so untrained. Jumped all over me. Why don't people train their dogs to at least sit.
    Sorry that Emma got hurt. That girl is trying to stay with you Jeanne. She is working hard at it. She probably tells people that she already has a home.Take care.

  11. Aw, your mom is the best for transporting those woofies.

  12. What a busy time! Please stop by our blog tomorrow to pick up an award. Purrs, Ateret, Livia, Abbi and Stephanie.

  13. MOL! We totally agree with your mom; some peoples should have to take an IQ test before they're allowed to have a pet - dog or cat.

    We hope Emma continues to recover well, and we will purr for hers.

    Mom says her uncle (who went across the Bridge) had a couple of bloodhounds. She says they were always nice dogs, always wanted loves and attention :)

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  14. Purring for Emma makes a full recovery.

    Mommy hates people who don't keep their dogs on a leash in public places. It's happened a few times at the dog park. Once, a giant Great Dane, unleashed came galloping down towards me which scared me terribly.


  15. Sure glad you got through that day, and that Emma is feeling better, though it's still a concern.

  16. Yup. We met those types all the time! Especially because our dogs are so tiny.Unleashed , large dogs we are told time and time again, would NEVER hurt our little dogs but when you weigh one hunderd pounds and a dog weighs five pounds, you can hurt them just by accidently stepping on them!!

    the critters in the cottage xo


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