Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yep, more of them.....

Yes all you out there, kitten season has struck the Random Felines house....

We know, there were the pepper boys, but they were a little older and born inside. 

Someone called the rescue Saturday about cats and kitten in a garage. Mom was over there dropping off paperwork and Miss Mona said there may be kittens coming in. Mom said she would be at Petco on Sunday but to let her know.

Miss Mona sent mom a text about 4pm on Sunday. Mom went right over to the adoption center. There was a pregnant ladycat, 2 older kittens (6ish weeks old) and a box with duct tape on it with 6 kittens in it. The hope was the other kitty was the mom.....she was put in a carrier with the kittens and was run over pretty quick....yep, they must be hers. They are little, one of them tinier than the others (in the picture above, the white with gray on his head). Everyone had FLEAS!!!  And got....

Yep....a bath.
OK - momma cat didn't....  Mom was gonna try and momma cat stuck out all four legs and ALL her claws and mom decided that she didn't want to donate that much blood. Momcat got a capstar and revolution. It took about an hour to get the baths done and fleas picked off. And mom is still picking off dead fleas. The tinies just can't survive an infestation like that so the bath was necessary. The goal is to kill the fleas, then get the soap off and get the kittens warm and dry as quick as possible.  Oh, and that black tabby - a screamer!!!

you can see how much tinier the white with gray baby is from everyone else

takin' after mom already

There are some goopy eyes but no snot (so far). Momcat is eating and is being very attentive to the kittens. Here is the line up: boys - white with gray, gray, buff with white black tabby and white with buff. Girls: gray with white, gray, white with gray and buff with white black tabby.  We think.....don't hold us to it. Mom usually changes her mind a few times before coming to a final conclusion about gender. And then names. :)  [mom says her chances might be better this second time]

They are sorta eating on their own. The buff kitts have been seen standing in the dry food dish and crunching away. Others have tried the canned food but it is hit and miss. Mom is keeping on eye on that tiny girl and she may end of getting supplemented. Oh, and last night while momcat was eating, she heard one of us outside the door and was using some bad werds. Mom tried to reassure the momcat that we are ok, but we think it may be a work in progress. But at least the momcat isn't trying to charge out the door.

That momcat is pretty adorable.....


  1. Oh Wow. We are a little overwhelmed, and simply thankful they're now in such good hands.

  2. Oh gosh, they are all so cute. The mom looks really pretty too. We sure hope that little one does all right.They really are all different colors. Love the buff ones. Keep us posted.

  3. What an assortment of colors! They look so fluffy after their bath. Mommy misses looking after babies but she said if she took any in, they would probably end up staying so she'll have to stick with pictures.

  4. Oh boy! Bath time! Levi gets a "precautionary" bath today. He didn't glow last week and is technically officially past the ringworm. But given that he's still in the environment, I figure it can't hurt to bathe him a couple times before he goes to his forever home.

    Gentle hugs and purrs to the new little family.

  5. Such precious little ones! I hope they will be healthy and grow quickly and thrive, all find wonderful forever homes in due time.

    And of course the sweet white/grey runt is the one I would fall for..... :-)

  6. Cute, cute, cute - they are so very tiny we bet the fleas were nearly as big! Mum cat also looks quite small too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. They are all purrrrrty adorable. And bless you for taking such good care of them. Hope the little one will be OK.

  8. What beautiful babies. We are glad they are being well cared for. Baths for so many is a huge undertaking. You are a wonderful cat person to offer so much loving care. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at www.thecatonmyhead.com, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josettes

  9. We hope all of them do well. They are an adorable bunch :)

  10. They are a cute bunch! And already quite a handful!

  11. theeze pick sures bee price less....we hope everee one, mom N de wee kittehs iz doin and continmews ta due well...az all ways...de blessings oh st francis two all


  12. Oh oh oh!!! Oh so cute!! What a group of little sweeties! Poor little things.. Taped in a box? Sheesh! I'm so glad they got rescued though! As cute as they are, I bet they get adopted as soon as they're ready!

  13. Oh wow! Awwwww - glad they are all washed and clean and safe and looked after now!! Take care

  14. Adorable, mom and babies both. Momcat looks awfully young (based on size alone). I'm assuming she was an outdoor stray?

    Good luck!


  15. Such tiny kit-cats! We hope they ALL do OK!!!
    Play bows,

  16. Oh my... what a precious bunch. They're just so sweet and tiny after their baths :)
    She looks like a good mom-cat too and so pretty.

  17. I would love to have some tiny kittens around--not so much when they start bouncing off the walls :)

    They are adorable. We hope they grow up healthy and find wonderful homes!


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