Saturday, April 22, 2017

the girls

OK - normally we don't post on Saturday, but geez these two were being cute.

Chanel (with an escaping Armani)

Dior has the white division on her nose and Chanel has more black on her face and the spot on her chin. That being said, mom still has to check her notes as that hasn't quite sunk into her brain yet. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

some things around the house

How mom does things to make life a little easier for us and her

When angel Maestro was young, he LOVED to play with the water dishes. Whap them with his paws, smack at the never ended. Never failed either that water ended up ALL over the kitchen. Mom finally got frustrated one day and decided to make a serious change. She upgraded our dishes to large, heavy ceramic (dog) dishes and found a rubber mat with a lip to put on the floor.

Everything is dishwasher safe and the mat keeps the dishes from being shoved and water on the mat (for the most part). Plus there is only a need for a couple of bowls that mom cleans (once a day) and refills as needed (usually twice a day). She has noticed that the ceramic tends to keep the water a little cooler too.
Tommy enjoying a drink 
(yes, he drinks from the very FAR edge of the dish)

Mozart shows up the screens and our cat ladder

The other big thing in our house is the screen inserts into our windows. Several years ago Tommy fell out a window - and we live on the second floor. A friend found these inserts at the locally owned hardware store and bought mom a couple as a gift. Mom has since bought more and is looking for a couple more to have a complete set.

These sit in the track where the window goes up and down and keeps cats from laying IN the windowsill and potentially pushing the screens out and escaping (or falling). It allows air in and out but keeps everyone safe.

As for kittens, mom likes to try to keep them contained when they are tiny. This is a plastic storage container. Just the right size for containing kittens and allowing their momma in there to lay down and nurse.
At least until someone gets JUST big enough to figure out how to escape.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

just over 3 weeks old

Mom suspects there will be a break out from the box soon. Versace will stand up and look over the edge and mom caught Chanel doing the same thing as well. Guess it is time to break out the non-clumping litter for a while.

(he is lighter than Versace and has white on him as well)


check out that black spot on her toes

the orange boys (Gucci in the back) and Dior

weigh ins
Gucci     11 1/8 ounces
Versace  13 1/4 ounces
Chanel   11 1/4 ounces
Dior       12 3/4 ounces
Armani  12 3/4 ounces

So Gucci is still the light weight and his orange brother is still the reigning heavy weight. Mom keeps thinking that Armani is the lightest but he keeps proving her wrong. They continue to gain weight and are doing well. Versace was doing a little baby pouncing and biting of his siblings the other night. As mom says...that is all fun and games until someone gets some teeth.  :)

Millie continues to do well. She still does the occasional "drive by" nibble on mom but nothing aggressive. Still not sure why she does it, but whatever. She is getting a little more possessive of her space and the kittens with all of us on the other side of the doors. Mom is going to block the sight line on the farthest door that is by the shelves outside the room. We mostly leave the room alone unless mom is in there and then we are trying to sniff around and see in a little bit. Until the other night, Millie had kept herself to growling a little at the doors if someone was out there. However, Monday night she saw Tommy on the shelf and launched herself up and at the screen door (she looked like Spiderman hanging up there). Luckily mom can talk her down and she doesn't turn on mom when she is angry. However, mom will be spending some time working on cutting down our access to the doors until she is a little more sure about things.

And again - no fault will ever be placed on Millie - she is protecting her kittens and that is her job.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

National Microchip Week

Everyone here has a microchip. And every animal adopted from the rescue and shelter all leave with microchips. In fact, we don't know of any rescue that doesn't microchip any more.

It really is the BEST way to make sure your pet gets home if they manage to escape for some reason. We always suggest collars and tags as well. If you don't want your cat wearing one in the house, we suggest having one for each cat just in case: in case people are coming over and the door will be opening and closing, in case you have to take a trip to the vet, in case of emergency.

However, you HAVE to make sure the chip is registered and UPDATED!! Mom can't begin to tell you how many times a lost animals comes in and either there is NO chip or the information is out of date.

Your pet doesn't have one? Check your local pet stores or rescues. Some will sponsor microchipping at a discounted rate and some stores have vet clinics on specific days that will chip your pet as well.

OK - so you have the chip and you got is registered. just make sure at annual check ups with your vet, they are checking for that microchip. It is reassuring to hear that beep, but until they heal under the skin, they can migrate. Or, in Ivy's case, it healed but she was chipped at 9 weeks as she grew, that spot moved from between her shoulders to over one shoulder blade. If you watch someone scan, they should move the scanner from side to side and front to back to scan the whole animal just in case.

Remember, the chip doesn't put out a signal or anything - it isn't GPS. It has to be scanned for the number to come up and then a call made to the company to get your information.

This crew and their momma will get their microchips when they are spayed/neutered.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

big cat or little cats

Apparently it doesn't matter the SIZE of the cat, they can all flail around with the best of them.

Though in Ivy's defense, it usually requires that she has a toy she is excited about.

These guys just roll over and get stuck.

Monday, April 17, 2017

weekend report

With open windows and nice weather, this is how most of us spent the weekend. Mom ran some errands but otherwise a quiet two days.

Two years after having a swarm of bees (and not the good kind) on the balcony, mom braved up and decided to put flowers back out on the balcony.
Mom doesn't have much of a green thumb, but she has found a few plants that do well in containers on our balcony (that doesn't get much sun) and she can't really kill. The round planter has sweet mint, the square planter has geraniums. She then put impatiens in the long planters.

With the slider open but the screen door closed, Millie got to supervise.

should hopefully be pretty when the plants get a little bigger

orange boys and their sister Dior
Gucci is the one with his feet on Dior

Friday, April 14, 2017

Random Fridays

We took a vote and mom is going to have to leave the gingerbread house up forever (though the chimney is now missing.....)
Don't you love how Ivy folds her paws up like that??

The kittens are doing well. The other night there was some serious howling and when mom checked on them, Millie was in the box with the kittens and Versace was out walking around (if you want to call it that) on his own. No idea if he got fell out of the box on his own or Millie took him out and then left him out. Either way mom put him back and there have been no escapees since then.

It is supposed to be pretty nice here this weekend. The windows have been open some but then it gets chilly at night and mom worries about the little ones so she closes most of the windows in the evenings. She is thinking about planting flowers again on the balcony and maybe trying to get that started this weekend as well. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

pile up

OK - so they don't do much at this age, but dang they are cute. Give it another week or so and they will be attempting to get out of the box and making their way around the room. Millie's head just might explode. MOL
Versace on top of Armani
Chanel, Dior and Gucci above them

What a cute pair of girls.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wordless Wednesday (mostly)

How do they sleep like that???

Weight updates:
Gucci 8 3/4 ounces
Versace 10 3/8 ounces
Chanel 9 3/8 ounces
Dior 10 1/8 ounces
Armani 10 1/8 ounces

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Considering their ages (which we guess is somewhere around 2 weeks give or take considering one girl still doesn't have her eyes open), these kittens are ridiculously hard to get pictures of at times. They are all over the place....
they are smacking each other in the face (the girls)

they try to get away from each other

they have places to go (Armani)

they are squished up against someone

at least until they fall asleep

Monday, April 10, 2017

kitten update

Millie is giving the kittens a little more independence. Mom thinks she is getting more comfortable and is therefore is sleeping more near them rather than sleeping in the box with them. Mom found a bigger box for the kittens. It is more about keeping them contained for the short term.

Millie was rescued and brought to us right away so mom had to take her last week to be tested and vaccinated. Waiting for that test seems to be a really long 10 minutes, but Millie's test came back... negative for FeLV and FIV. YAY!!!

Mom weighed everyone on Saturday....and TRIED to get good pictures of their faces

male, orange tabby no white
weight: 8 7/8 ounces (current heavyweight)
 he had no interest in having his picture taken

male, orange and white tabby
weight: 6 7/8 ounces (current lightweight)
this was when Millie decided to supervise
Part way into the picture taking, Millie came over to get in the way supervise

female tuxedo, more black on her face
weight: 7 3/8 ounces
she now has one eyeball open

female, tuxedo (more white on her face)
weight: 8 3/8 ounces
the sole hold out as of Sunday with no open eyeballs

male tuxedo
weight: 8 3/8 ounces
looking at him he looks smaller than his sisters
so his weight surprised mom

Friday, April 7, 2017

Random Fridays

Millicent (probably called Millie) and the kittens are doing well. Mom has to remember to check the web camera before leaving for work since she left in  hurry on Wednesday and then discovered the camera was off. (wish we knew what causes it to work well for a while and then turn off for no reason - the only reset is to turn the router off and on and obviously that only happens if mom is at home)

Even after a couple of days Millie was being a little growly with mom. Not around the kittens - she doesn't seem to mind if mom handles them though she will come over to check things out of mom picks one up and they howl. This is more when mom comes in and is petting her or trying to get her food ready....Millie will rub all over, let mom pet her and then seems to get overstimulated and a little growly. She has put her teeth on mom twice now - not breaking skin and not being aggressive - almost like she isn't sure what else to do. After talking it out with some foster friends, mom is putting rescue remedy in Millie's water and is going to find a toy that she likes to see if getting her to play some will work out the kinks. Certainly nothing to worry about, but mom wants to keep an eye on her behavior all the same.

boy, boy, girl, boy, girl
so far the only one with a definite name is Armani - he is the
tuxie boy with his arm over his sister in this picture

paws up
(this is the smaller orange boy in the top picture)

girl, boy, girl, boy

keep the foods coming lady

the two tuxie girls and their brother

They should be pretty easy to tell apart and mom will try to get good pictures of their faces over the weekend. One orange boy is solid, the other has some white on him (see the picture above). The tuxedo kittens all have different facial markings. It is just a case of getting them to hold still long enough for the camera to focus. MOL

Nothing too exciting this weekend. Mom did buy a new bed that will come next week so she is going to clean the bedroom well and try to catch all the fuzz bunnies under the bed (can't call them dust bunnies since they are mostly fur). Otherwise she will most likely be in the foster room with Millie and the kittens.