Friday, October 20, 2017

Random Fridays

Mom has plans tonight with a friend but nothing much else for the weekend (which she says will make up for LAST weekend when she was running around the entire time). There is a short adoption event on Sunday and mom will probably take Blueberry. The Texas kittens are too little and mom hates dealing with people that want them NOW and aren't willing to accept they aren't ready yet.

Mom is slowing getting together stuff to help Chanel stay active and be an adventure cat. She bought her a new carrier that will be just hers. She also got her a new harness to wear. (mom bought the harness but here is the link to the Kitty Holster that she bought - no affiliate links or anything, but we thought we would share since it is working for us)

The nice part about this harness is that it comes in a size small enough for a kitten. Mom bought an extra small and will have to upgrade to the small/medium by the time Chanel is a year. It is very light weight - all cotton and machine washable. There is a piece that runs down the back that holds the ring for her leash. Mom wasn't sure what she was going to do, but Chanel rolled around the first minute or so then got up and walked around.
Checking out the fish at PetSmart

Mom is working on a go-bag for Chanel. Right now mom's adoption event bag stays in the car, so she has access to supplies. But she wants something with stuff for Chanel that is in a backpack type bag that she can just grab on the way out the door (or leave in the car). So far Chanel seems to enjoy being out and about and is very relaxed about the whole thing. As long as she keeps that attitude, mom will continue to find places to take her. It will be harder this winter as it gets colder but mom is committed.

Chanel had her first official vet visit on Tuesday. She played on the cat tree in the exam room, charmed our vet tech friend Miss Andrea and Dr F, had a snack and didn't seem to care about the catnip mouse. Mom did find a noise on her phone and they "unofficially" tested her hearing since Chanel seems to not always notice things. She does seem to hear fine, but she does certainly track things funny. Otherwise she is a healthy girl and weighed in at 5 pounds 15 ounces.

Have a safe and warm weekend. Fall finally arrived here and while mom refuses to turn the heat on quite yet, Mo is hoping it is space heater season soon.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

goody box

We got our box free of charge from Chewy and wanted to tell you about it. Getting the box did not influence our opinions and all opinions are our own. #ChewyInfluencer

So the other day the big delivery truck left an unexpected box at our door. Mom opened it up and there was a Goody Box inside from Turns out they are getting in the surprise box business and have one for cats, little dogs and with dog treats. Well color us surprised and excited.

Daiquiri was sent in to inspect the box.
There are toys, treats and catnip along with 
a booklet describing each thing in the box.

Toy inspectors say YAY!!

We have to say, nicely done. It was well thought out and put together. And at $19.95, a good value as well for what we got. Mom is giving the broth to the kittens (which they are loving) and marinating some of our toys in the catnip for future use. What fun this would be to send to friends, family or even a rescue.

Thanks for thinking of us Chewy and letting us check out your new Meow You're Talking Goody Box. We give it lots of paws up.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Texas kittens

The Texas kittens are doing well. They are BOUNCY and active...which makes getting pictures tough. They are also fascinated by the door so mom has to catch them on their way out when she opens the door to go inside the foster room. Everyone got pawdicures on Sunday as mom is tired of the kittens climbing her and stabbing her (we can't imagine why).


Shiner (again - maybe??)

Bristol (pretty sure)


Marfa has the white stripe on her nose along with her other white markings and Amarillo has white chest and feet. Shiner and Bristol are actually easier to tell apart in person than in pictures. Shiner is a darker tabby and Bristol is more of a caramel color. However, in pictures it is harder to tell color. Mom hasn't weighed them, but just based on her guess, they probably have another month to go before they are ready for surgery.

Monday, October 16, 2017

weekend report

We posted yesterday that mom woke up Sunday morning and Cranberry wasn't doing well. Mom got a text last night that she passed away being cared for by the director of the rescue. RIP sweet baby.

Mo and Chanel getting their snooze on

Daiquiri is a little obsessed with those spring toys. 
Mom bought more and threw one out for her.
Chanel tried to play with it and got growled at for it.

Blueberry checking out the balcony. He and the Texas kittens are doing well but mom is keeping a close eye on them.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Fridays

We wish you a relaxing weekend. Mom says she has LOTS of plans for Saturday but not as much on Sunday so it should be quieter around here then.

The Texas kittens finally have names. The boy is going to keep his name of Bristol. The girls are as follows: tabby no white is Shiner, tabby with the white on her nose is Marfa and the tabby with white is Amarillo. Now if they would just hold still for more than 0.5 seconds, mom could get good pictures. They are so excited to see her they don't even pass out for naps until she leaves.

In case you missed it though, Chanel found a crack in the door and was making her presence known the other day. She hasn't been in to meet the kittens, but they were baffled by the paw. MOL

Happy Friday the 13th.....Mo and Allie say don't believe everything you hear about black cats (unless it is good of course).

Thursday, October 12, 2017

clean plate club

We got the food at no charge but that didn't affect our review. All opinions are our own. Thanks though for helping to feed the hungry heathen foster kittens.

This month we got a box of Tiki Cat after Dark variety to try with the kittens. It is all grain free and the main source of protein is the first ingredient on the can. Mom does say be careful opening the can though - these have a pretty high moisture content and mom almost spilled the entire can when she opened the first one (so of course her fingers then smelled like chicken broth and the kittens got even more excited - you would think she would learn to open the cans and fill the plates somewhere other than the kitten room).

you gonna open that box or what??

Everyone was pretty excited about this. Cranberry and the Texas kittens ran each other over for the first can and mom had to quickly open a second one to keep everyone happy.

clean plate club

The kittens give it 6 paws up. They have loved every flavor and cleaned the plate every time. In fact, one of the Texas girls growled at Blueberry when he got too close. MOL

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Such a shame she can't relax.

Chanel had a good weekend. She went out with mom on Saturday to Petsmart and the to another small local pet store. She won't walk, but she did get to ride in the cart at Petsmart and seemed to enjoy that. She got to see the fish and almost launched herself at the birds. MOL

Everyone is settling in to a new routine. Thank you so much for the condolences for Tommy both here and on Facebook. There were really no warning signs. His last vet appointment went well and his bloodwork from last fall was very good. He had been losing some weight but everyone agreed it may have been more age related than anything else. He just seemed to crash early Friday morning. Mom didn't want to take him to the er vet and play 20 questions with someone she had never met. Unfortunately our vet was out of town but we have another local vet that the rescue uses and mom was able to get in there with him. He has certainly left a blank spot in the house, our hearts and the foot of the bed.

Monday, October 9, 2017

the kittens

Bristol Texas



So the Texas kittens came with names but mom isn't a fan of the girls' names. She wants to try to name them after Texas towns. Come to find out, Bristol is a town in Texas so our boy gets to keep his name. He is more of a caramel color than his tabby sister. The other two girls have white paws and one has a white stripe on her nose.

They are a bouncy active group....and have escaped a couple of times already. Fortunately they are very people friendly so they are easy to catch.

Blueberry and Cranberry are doing well and are just waiting for surgery dates. Though Cranberry still really doesn't want much to do with mom. Luckily they are doing well with the Texas kittens after the first few days.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


10/4/03 to 10/6/17
You can read our first post about Tim and Tom and their story of how they joined our family.

Mom woke up about 2am Friday morning and kind of knew something wasn't right. She sat with Tommy on the blanket on the bed for a while then curled up with him until the vet opened. She knew she didn't want to deal with the emergency vet and a million questions.

He was a little agitated but settled in to mom's arms and passed very peacefully. Our head mancat will be missed desperately.

We do take some solace in knowing that Tommy is reunited with his brother Tim over Rainbow Bridge.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Random Fridays

Thanks for all the concats about Chanel. She is fitting in very well and keeping everyone on their toes.

Mom did take her to Starbucks the other day. She didn't quite understand the whole whipped cream thing. MOL

Nothing really planned for the weekend here. Mother Nature refuses to admit it is fall, so we are dealing with that....and mom sneezing all the time as her allergies flare up.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

so this happened

Last time we updated you about Chanel, she was back on the adoption floor with a head tilt after a bad ear infection.

Mom stopped last Tuesday at the adoption center and Chanel was in the kitten room being all friendly with everyone. Mom walked in and Chanel stood up and was loving on mom...nibbling on her chin.

Mom left, made it about half a mile down the road and turned around.

Yep....Chanel came back to the house that night. She has now been here over a week and fits in great. Daiquiri was a little bent out of shape for a few days but is doing better.

Mom hasn't gotten a good picture of her sitting still to show the tilt, but it is pretty obvious. It does seem to affect her balance some and she has fallen off a few things giving mom a start. But Chanel gets up and walks away.

Mom did take her out this past Tuesday to a local Starbucks and Chanel did great. She walked around the patio, didn't care about the noise or traffic, and greeted several people. Mom hopes to keep her going out and being social.

Please welcome the newest Random Feline. Yep....she is officially us.