Friday, June 23, 2017

adoption story

When mom takes kittens to events like Blog Paws, she doesn't expect adoptions. These are places where people with pets congregate - and most are not looking to add to their families. Would it be nice for one of our kittens to be adopted by one of our online friends? Sure...but we never expect it.

Do you recognize this cat??

Well...about 2 weeks after mom got back from Blog Paws, she got a message from Miss Connie of Tails From the Foster Kittens (aka the kitten pusher) telling her to message Miss Julie from Sometimes Cats Herd You saying that mom would be willing to drive to Florida.


But why? (plus mom says Florida is too far to drive....but she may be willing to fly)

Turns out that Miss Julie (aka the head peep) had fallen in love with a certain small black and white kitten while rooming with mom at Blog Paws. They went back and forth about adopting and transport and how the current residents would react to a new kitten. Mom will say every time - no matter what the people think, the feline residents get the final say. Mom and Miss Julie worked out a plan and last Thursday morning (before the crack of dawn), mom and that kitten flew the friendly skies and landed in Florida. Despite mom's worries, the flying thing went very well. The kitten in question only got chatty when she was in motion - and about half way through the flight when we suspect she got bored. Mom says it was a little funny to watch people try to locate the source of the meeping.

No one was quite sure how things would go....would everyone freak out? Would it go smoothly?

Turns out that the kitten was the least concerned of everyone - she came out of her carrier and made herself right at home almost immediately. OK - that kitten she kept seeing in the mirror was a little weird. It did take over 24 hours and a v-e-t visit to get her to eat (though she was drinking and playing like mad so everyone suspects it may have just been the stress of surgery then a long travel day and new surroundings). While it may not have been love at first sight for the resident cats, the kitten was smart enough to back down and submit when she was hissed or growled at and was (mostly) respectful of their space. She has decided this Sleepypod (seen below) now belongs to her and she may not surrender it however.

That said, it is with much appreciation to the head peep and the man peep and the kitten pusher (haha), that we can announce that Dior has been adopted:
Meet Cupcake 
(formerly known as Dior)

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Panache (per the Merriam Webster dictionary): dash or flamboyance in style or action

OK - so we may have to see if she lives up to her name, but the story behind it is interesting.

Mom ran up to the adoption center Sunday to see if the design kittens had been adopted. Everyone was gone from the adoption side, so she wandered through the intake side (and found Chanel who is currently in with the rat pack kittens and being sneezy) and saw a mom with tiny kittens. The head of the rescue said no one had stepped up to take her and mom offered - that family needed to be somewhere quiet.

She got them home and then got a text from the head of the rescue saying mom cat had been tested (negative for FeLV and FIV) and was on doxy for upper respiratory and needed two more doses of panacur for intestinal issues. Mom texted back that we have a supply of both of those. Except her phone auto corrected to say we have "panache and foxy". This of course cracked her up and then lended itself to a good name for mom. The babies are so very tiny that mom will hold off on names for them until she knows gender (though if you would like to make suggestions, we are all for it).

Their back story: there was a hoarding case discovered in a nearby county with over 100 cats in a house. Our rescue stepped up and offered to take 20 cats - we suggested female so we could get them in and spayed faster than the humane society handling the case. That was on Friday. That night, Panache gave birth to her 3 kittens. One other of the 20 turned out to be a neutered male cat (oops - haha). From the sounds of it, the situation was VERY bad and most of the cats weren't healthy - upper respiratory issues, eye issues, etc. There is nothing on the humane society's facebook page and it didn't make the news so mom is relying on second hand information.

Panache is doing....OK. She isn't eating a lot though the babies are doing well. Mom combed her out and got lots of scabs off of her neck. It breaks mom's heart that Panache flinches every time mom reaches out near her head but Panache does seem to enjoy the petting once it starts. But she is fine with the petting and loved the comb. As for kittens, mom thinks the brown tabby is a girl and the black and the black and white brown tabby and white (looks like we are going to break the tuxedo streak) are both males.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Mom made another attempt to get pictures of everyone...and she may have it this time. Or not.... We suspect there is a distinct possibility of collars in their future.

Anyhow, in no particular order.... Oh - and if you think she screwed it up, feel free to let us know that.
Romero - male

Harlow - female

Flynn - male

sibling tails - best toy ever

breakfast time
(that is Chanel at the water bowl in the back)

Rooney - male

Bacall - female

Bogart - male

Mom has a chart she is going to put up on the wall at the house. Right now the only one she can tell on sight is Bogart. After that, it is going to take some studying on her part. MOL  The challenge will be did she get it right and get every kitten on her chart. Stay tuned....

They are all SO very friendly and outgoing. Not a shy kitten in the bunch. A couple have goopy eyes and there is a little sneezing, but nothing too serious. It is now just about getting some weight on them and then getting them ready to go.

Monday, June 19, 2017

adoption report

Almost all the Design Kittens were adopted. If you remember, they went back last Tuesday.

Armani was adopted Tuesday night.
 He went home with a single lady who has a young child and a 10 year old cat. 
We know he will charm them all.

Versace and Gucci were adopted Friday night.
Gucci was adopted by a young lady working as a nanny and living with her parents.
No other pets which means he can soak up all the love.

Versace was adopted by a couple with 2 cats (9 and 17) and lots
of other pets. The youngest cat is 1 year old, so he will have a playmate.

Dior was adopted on Saturday. That's a teaser....check back on Friday for THAT story.

Chanel unfortunately got a cold so she is back here and hanging with the rat pack kittens.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

the littles

Chanel and a rat pack kitten

conquering the camper

Mom spent time in the foster room Sunday night once again trying to get good head shots of the design kittens and maybe some action shots of the smaller kittens. After serious outtakes and being climbed like a tree, these were the best two pictures. And if you look is the same little kitten. BWAHAHAHA

She is out of town for a quick trip starting today until Saturday. More on that later....  However, with the adoption event last weekend and a busy week this week, we haven't been able to comment much and no post tomorrow. We are sorry and promise to beat the mom back into shape soon.

In case you missed it on Instagram/Facebook, this guy was adopted Tuesday night:
Good luck in your new home Armani.

Mom doesn't know anything about his new family since she wasn't volunteering that night, but we wish him the very best!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

not so wordless Wednesday

Gucci and one of the rat pack kittens. Once everyone settled in, it has been fun to see the two groups get along so well. That said, access to the foster room should hopefully be a little easier, though the little ones do think it is fun to try to escape.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

good luck kittens

Quick side note: the yellow haired lady/the mom from The Island Cats won our Fresh Wave giveaway. Thanks to everyone for their comments.

Doesn't it seem like it was just yesterday that this crew arrived??

Now they all look like this:
Gucci and his soft orange fluff
He is super sweet and laid back - not much bothers him but he is always ready to play

Super fluffy and such a snuggly sweet boy. Some family is going to get so lucky with him.

Still a little bit of the trouble maker, but he purrs the minute you look at him 
and loves a good snuggle.

A little shy but very sweet. Hopefully the right quiet family is right around the corner.

Two sisters playing

Curious and outgoing and very sweet as well. 
Her hernia surgery is Wednesday so she will be around a while longer.

Mom says the first group of the year is always hardest to take back to the adoption center. These guys were so little and we got to watch them grow up into independent teenage kittens ready for new adventures.

Millie is still at the partner store waiting to be adopted. She doesn't seem to mind it at all and one of the volunteers got her out last week on a harness and leash and said she LOVED it. Mom is hoping to have time this coming weekend to try that and maybe get some video.

We will keep you posted on adoptions as they happen. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Report

Well, no adoptions at the event, but being out in public is always good too. The kittens were very well behaved and did great. But to get adopted, they have to be seen. So they will be headed up to the adoption center tonight and mom expects they will probably be adopted by the weekend. We will keep you posted as we find out.

This is Azalea. 
She was adopted at the event Sunday.

On Sunday, Armani passed out in a volunteer's lap. Gotta love that boy.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Just One Day

Just One Day was started as a way to bring shelters together to stop killing shelter animals - for just ONE day. More and more rescues are becoming no kill....the rescue we foster for is such a place. But not all shelters are - or have that luxury. We would love to see a day when no adoptable animal's life is at risk simply due to space. Awareness is the first step. According to their blog, as of June 1 there are 542 open admission shelters along with 776 no kill shelters already taking the pledge. Our rescue has.... has yours?? You can check their map.

Ironically, this year it happens to fall on the same weekend as a huge adoption event in our area. Fetch A Friend was started a few years ago to bring shelters and rescues together under one roof for a mega adoption event. These are being done more and more in communities across the country. It gives people the ability to come out to see adoptable animals - all in one place and without the stigma of being "in a shelter".

So, support a local shelter or rescue that is taking part in Just One Day. Or, if you are in the central Ohio area, come on down to the Lausche Building at the Ohio Fairgrounds today from 11am to 4pm.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

Random Fridays

Places to go, things to do, kittens to jump on and bite

Mom thought she was being smart and tried to get individual pictures of the rat pack kittens to make herself a chart. She took several pictures with her phone and then transferred them into a document while she was at work. And she got....5 out of 6 kittens. Go mom!! MOL Actually, it was a pretty good idea, but since those little monkeys won't just line up and hold still, it was harder to accomplish than she thought. Now to just figure out who she is missing..... (she is thinking it may be better to grab her camera and take a picture, put that kitten in a carrier, next and so on)

If you are anywhere near central Ohio this weekend, there is a HUGE adoption event called Fetch A Friend being held at the Lausche Center at the Ohio State Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. There is a $5 parking charge (paid to the fairgrounds not the rescues) but no other admission costs. Come see lots of rescues and vendors and maybe find a new furry friend. If you rent, bring a lease, if you have other pets, bring their medical records. Mom will be there with Colony Cats (she is taking the design kittens). There will be lots of rescues, vendors and other exciting things. If you can't attend, be sure to follow us on social media as mom will be posting as the day goes on.
Image may contain: text

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fresh Wave Review #sponsored

Mom got to meet some great people at Blog Paws.

One of the booths was Fresh Wave - and they emailed her after the conference asking if she would like to review some products. Absolutely!! She has used the gel before and has the spray that she loves. However...they make these beads that go in your vacuum cleaner. She got pretty excited (yes, she is weird....we are aware). Along with the vacuum beads, we got a container of gel and a spray.

of course, if it comes in a box, some cat will have to inspect it

Mom likes the natural ingredients in this: aniseed, cedarwood, clove, lime and pine needles (along with water)
Their website says put a capful in the vacuum bag or canister and replace monthly or as needed. We have a Dyson that mom has to empty every time it is used (can you say lots of cat hair?) so she first put in about 1/2 a cap just so she wasn't wasting anything. Mom didn't "notice" anything...and then realized that was the point. The house just smelled....clean. (not that it isn't normally but you know what we mean....nothing catlike lingering about)

The gel is now in a prime spot in the living room and the spray has been used a few times as well (kittens...enough said).

When you first open a container or use the spray, there is a scent. Mom couldn't figure it out at first until she read the ingredient list...she was smelling clove and lime. Very nice...and it dissipates quickly too into - nothing really. No original scent, no perfumey scent, no nothing.

They have a wide range of products....candles, scent pods, the gel packages (and refills), smaller stick on pods (and refills) along with the vacuum beads and even a laundry booster (mom is thinking this might be a good thing to buy and donate to the rescue). They do list a pet shampoo, but after reading, it is actually NOT to be used on cats. (we got a sample at Blog Paws and will give that to friends)

THANKS to Fresh Wave for letting us review their products. We got everything for free, but our reviews are always our honest opinion and not influenced by any company.

Also.....they agreed to a GIVEAWAY!!!  Just comment below and we will pick a winner (US only) and have them ship a box to you. Tell us your favorite product! All comments posted before midnight on Saturday June 10 will count.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

wordless Wednesday

mom caught this picture of Chanel reacting to the actor kittens 
and it makes her laugh every time

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

meet your new partners

Over the weekend the little kittens seemed to be doing much better and mom decided she REALLY wanted the bathroom back (nothing like tripping over 6 kittens at 3am if you have to pee).

So Saturday afternoon we had a round of "meet your new partners". And it was chaos.

The room suddenly seemed a WHOLE lot smaller with 11 kittens in it all at once. Plus the design kittens seemed to suddenly double in size.  MOL

Armani had to taste test someone....notice the outrage

Dior in the back checking out an interloper

By the way - it is nearly impossible to get 11 kittens in one picture. It is actually impossible to get any of them to look at the camera at any given moment.

Mom did some more research online and discovered before the "Sinatra Rat Pack" - there was another Rat Pack in the 1950s and she is going to use those names. Now she just has to figure out who is male and who is female and get them to hold still long enough to tell them apart. Girls: Bacall and Harlow (ok - not sure this is historically accurate, but mom likes it). Boys: Bogart, Flynn, Rooney and Romero.

The older kittens are being....pretty good with the little ones. Though mom would check the camera is she heard baby howling and sometimes they were just beating on each other. Chanel is VERY unimpressed with the kittens and keeps her distance when possible. Dior is better than her sister though she will hiss if she gets startled. Gucci and Armani are pretty much go with the flow. And Versace is pretty sure mom just blessed him with 6 new cat toys.

Monday, June 5, 2017

weekend report

Well, summer has struck. It was in the 80s this weekend and since we live on the 2nd floor, mom shut the windows and turned on the a/c. Mom asked if the kittens should go up to the center or if she could hang on to them for an event this coming weekend. There are lots of kittens, so the design kittens will be around a few more days.

Armani has turned into a wrestle maniac
Chanel is not impressed

 we don't want to know what Dior is thinking

These have been a great group of kittens. Chanel is still the most standoffish of all of them. Dior has started coming up and meeping for attention. Versace has turned into a part time cuddler...though there is No risk of him losing his nickname any time soon (ouch dammit). Armani is still the clueless charmer. Gucci is cute and he knows it.