Tuesday, December 5, 2017

adoption events

We have Christmas cards....lots of Christmas cards. MOL If you would like one from us this year - no obligation - send us your address here and we will send you a card. (and delete your information)

The Texas kittens went out both Saturday and Sunday to adoption events. No applications though. They were fairly nervous on Saturday but by Sunday had relaxed.


Bristol - what a poser

smooshed behind her siblings

Shiner and Bristol

They will go up to the adoption center today. Hopefully they will adjust pretty quickly and get adopted quickly too. We would love to see them go in pairs...heaven knows Bristol at least will need someone to keep him company (out of trouble).


  1. Bristol definitely looks like a go for it kind of boycat. May they find wonderful forever homes, with all the worst behind them.

  2. They are so cute and we all have our paws crossed that they find great homes and some of them together. Who wouldn't want two. Have a great day.

  3. They are so cute! I can't imagine them not getting adopted quickly.

  4. The Texas kits are so cute. We bet they'll find homes in no time.

  5. How could anyone resist these kittens?!?!? Shiner is ESPECIALLY cute napping like that. We hope they get snatched up quickly - and a few get to stay together (poor Marfa looks like she's just about had it with her siblings!).

  6. They all are so cute, we hope they find a forever home very soon. Purrs

  7. When we adopted Manny & Bruce, there were two tabby kitties left behind, and I LURV tabbies! The Texas kittens will get their furrever homes soon, I'm sure of it!

  8. grate minds guyz...tell yur mom ta chex her email

    we sended it bee for we saw thiz post !!! ☺☺☺

    N de best oh fishes two ewe all, heerz hopin yur in yur for everz bee for dood in red day !! ☺☺☺♥♥

  9. They are adorable. I hope they aren't waiting long before they get adopted.
    I have entered my details on your link. I sent my cards out last week so mine should be with you very soon.

  10. Totally crossing all paws for you kids that you have a home for the holidays!


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