Friday, December 22, 2017

Random Fridays

More good news:
Bristol - ADOPTED

Amarillo - ADOPTED

Not together and both will be single kittens. Mom did laugh wondering how long it will take for Bristol's new family to regret that decision. hahaha

Some cat got her nails trimmed last weekend and then spent
time giving mom THIS look.

Mom got our Secret Paws package wrapped up and sent last week. She said something about it going over the ocean....we hope it gets there in time (since planning ahead wasn't mom's thing this year).

For as much time as Daiquiri spent growling at Chanel when she first came back, she now spends just as much time giving the kid a good bath.

A couple of Chanel things: the v-e-t asked on Tuesday if mom has seen any changes in Chanel. Nope. Her recovery time seems to be a little bit better, but then again she got up on the chair the other day, gave mom a good head butt...and fell off the chair. 

Oh - and she has discovered that she likes sleeping UNDER the covers at night with mom. She will come out now and then but spends the majority of the time under the comforter, on top of the blankets. 

So far Ivy has gotten her meds every some days and her ear is looking better. Mom did laugh and say that the v-e-t may have asked the wrong question though. Dr F asked if mom can medicate Ivy. Sure. The better question is - can mom CATCH Ivy to medicate her.  MOL


  1. Well, sure glad those kittens got adopted. We know all about that not being able to catch some of these critters. You have a super Friday.

  2. I sure understand that question! Yep, I can medicate anyone, catching some of them is the hard part.

  3. Hint from The Hubby: sneak up on a sleeping cat to administer meds! Diabolical, but it worked for Chucky's twice-a-day pilling.

  4. Looks like your Secret Paws recipient is getting an abundance of mousies. Concats on the adoptions. We always wish that kittens could go as pairs, but as only kitties they will get lots of love and attention. Wishing everyone a blessed and joyous Christmas and holiday season. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  5. Yay for the adoptions! Our mom has almost given up on Lexy's ear meds. Lucky for her mine are finished!

  6. Congratulations to Bristol and Amarillo! MOL about medicating Ivy.

  7. YIPPEE for adoption news! Someone here gave that look to Dad all day yesterday for that same procedure/offense.

  8. Such great adoption news! That look of betrayal in the short-clawed is well known around here!

  9. Wonderful news about Bristol and Amarillo! Wishing them much happiness in their furever homes. Poor Ivy, we don't think we'd be wanting to get caught either.

    Daiquiri and Chanel are a bit like our Sasha and Sheldon, 'cept Sasha still gets growly with the pest.

    Merry Christmas efurrybody!

  10. Awesome news about forever homes for Amarillo and Bristol! We laughed about Ivy getting those meds (sometimes). We understand completely.

    Merry Christmas, sweet pals. Love you!

  11. lol.. totally sounds like Eli.

    Glad to hear about the adoptions, and i bet you it wasn't long before they were wishing for another kitten


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