Tuesday, December 19, 2017

grumpy watermelon

Last week mom noticed that Ivy had some crusty scabs in her left ear. Mom tried to get a look at it but Ivy was NOT cooperating. Since she puts up a good fight and really doesn't have a scruff to grab, mom called the v-e-t and made an appointment for Monday morning.

Now, catching the grumpy watermelon is an event. If she even SUSPECTS anything, she disappears. Mom put the carrier out on Sunday afternoon and ignored Ivy for most of the weekend unless Ivy sought her out for attention.

Come Monday morning, mom went about her business and then at the last possible minute grabbed Ivy from the house and put her in the carrier.

She did some talking in the car but no real singing. She is a screamer at the v-e-t office however and got louder as time went on. Dr F cleaned out her ear but didn't find anything definitive. Mom brought her home with meds for the next week (wish mom luck) and plans to recheck in about 10 days to make sure it isn't a polyp in Ivy's ear.

As an added bonus, they did trim her nails.....

Oh - and the watermelon thing...mom jokingly calls Ivy the "watermelon" based on her circumference. The v-e-t weight her and she comes in at 12 pounds 5 ounces.


  1. Well, hope your ear clears up Ivy. No more of that going back to the vet. We need rename our LG to Watermellon. She looks like a walking melon. You all have a fantastic day.

  2. My human had to take Binga to the vet yesterday for a check-up and can you believe she was well-behaved? And she's not even sick! I hope Ivy's ear clears up - she sounds like a real pawful.

  3. Ivy! She's calling you a watermelon! Be sure to cough up a hairball in her shoe for that.

  4. We hope your ear clears up, Ivy. Purrs

  5. I use a similar technique to get Bear in the carrier. Around here ... Bear's the grumpy, furry meatloaf - though a watermelon might be more appropriate (all 13.5 lbs of him)! We hope Ivy's ear is better soon.

  6. I hope Ivy's ear clears up. I love that cat carrier.

  7. Hope your ear is OK by now, Ivy! That is the CUTEST carrier!!!

  8. Sounds like Eli.
    Now that it has been a month (yes, I am THAT behind) I hope she got a good report


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