Wednesday, January 6, 2021


 The kittens are doing great. Thankfully they've gotten the hang of being self cleaning. Mom has been leaving the airlock open during the day while she works since they aren't tall enough to get over it (yet). Daiquiri likes to go over to clean the plates. Chanel can't figure out how to get over so she lays in front and flirts with the kittens.

This right here is the face of trouble. She would be to differ. But mom has chased her around the condo more than once. And this one likes to chomp on her brother to make him cry.

This would be the crybaby. He could fight back. He could run away. Instead he lays there and howls while she smacks or bites his tail.

Jail break fail


  1. I think he is just playing in an odd way. Miss Fitz Yowls like she is being skinned if Rumpy or Einstein sniff her a bit too closely. She then looks to see if I heard. Tattle tail. Of course this is if she doesnt just whap them a few times

  2. Look at those two fluffbutts!
    Don't flirt too much, Chanel...or your tail will be the next one bitten!

  3. Mom bean is in love...damn good thing we live far, far, far away. Plus she's not allowed to have any more kitties. We're plenty enough for her.

  4. Such cuties. The crybaby is too funny.

  5. Chanel, watch out for that one. Mom says it chomps on tails!


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