Friday, January 8, 2021

Really Crash

 So some cat....who shall remain nameless....but looks like this:

Got herself in trouble the other day. 

Mom had gone to bed and heard a noise in the kitchen. A lot of noises she will ignore but this sounded like something crashing to the floor, so she got up to check. Things were moved in the basket on the dryer, so mom figured some cat (probably Daiquiri or Goldfish since they were "casually" walking away as mom came down the hall) had grabbed the edge of a bag and pulled. 

She turned to go back to bed and heard another noise. Her eyes adjusted and....there was a cat on the counter. With her front feet in the sink. Who then flicked a paw covered in water at mom. RUDE!

Mom considers herself pretty lucky in that we stay off of the kitchen counter. Though in our defense she isn't the best housekeeper so there is stuff up there we might run into. However, if you remember Chanel's run in with the momma cat, we know she can get up there since that is how she got IN the foster room. But she still got a lecture about staying off the counter.....

The kittens continue to do well. Mom needs to weigh them this weekend and they just got another vaccine. Right now it is just about feeding them, letting them play and keeping them social.


  1. Hey Chanel, we're not allowed on the counter either. But Saku, who just happens to be black and white too, can still get up there.

    The kittens are cute and mom bean is totally in luv with them. We've already said no and since she's pretty much locked down, some other bean will be the lucky mom.

  2. sew, yur mom iz AT werk.....ITZ COUNTER SURFIN TIME !!!!!!

    happee 2021 two all ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  3. My human doesn't like me on the counter either. So I try to go there when she has no idea.

  4. Dad will let most noises pass but the *Crash* always gets him out of bed. They are growing!

  5. Manny cares not if the people are standing right there...he'll jump onto the counter like it's his right to do so!

  6. As far as we know, Ava doesn't go on the counter. As far as we know. heh


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