Friday, June 21, 2019

Random Fridays

If you are anywhere near Ohio, there is a big event this weekend at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. Fetch A Friend and Shop Local got together for a huge shopping and pet adoption event. 11-4 Saturday and Sunday. Mom will be out there both days with Colony Cats and is hoping to take Roomba and Cipher.

Mom is a little concerned about Anastasia. She is taking good care of the kittens but certainly isn't eating much to keep herself and 3 kittens going. Mom gave her some canned food Tuesday night and she ate it, ate most of another can Wednesday night but wouldn't touch anything Thursday morning. Mom spoke to the rescue and they may try an appetite stimulant just to jump start her.

what? mini panthers are tasty

Good news: Cipher is now neutered!! So he can be put on the website and we can start searching for his forever home.

In other news, Cipher seems to think it is a giant game to see if he can get OUT of the foster room before mom gets IN the foster room. The other night he made it out and mom gave up and left him out for a while as she spent time with Mopar and Fate and cleaned and fed everyone. She came back out and he was having a blast so she let him run around for a little longer. He headed down the steps and must have stopped a couple of steps from the top. Goldfish wandered over (keep in mind she did KNOW he was loose in the house), his head popped up over the edge of the steps, and Goldfish went FULL Halloween cat on him - though no hissing, just all fluffed up.

Mopar is still kind of suspicious of mom. She is thinking about maybe moving him to a smaller crate in the living room for a couple of days. It tends to work with scaredy/feral type kittens to help them friendly up some. Not sure WHY it works, but it tends to. Of course that will leave a very whiny Fate in the kitten room by himself if Cipher goes to the adoption event all weekend. Oh well - mom says she won't be home to listen to him complain about it. MOL

you really going out looking like that?
(honestly we never know quite what that girl is thinking,
but she sure looks like she has opinions about everything)


  1. Did I mention that I need to keep a spreadsheet to follow all of your cats?!? LOL! Good luck on the events!

  2. So much fun hearing about all your cats. Sounds like our household. Hope Anastasia feels better soon. You all have a super Friday.

  3. I hope Anastasia gets her appetite back.

  4. Cipher sounds like Bear. He just wants to prove he can get out when he wants. You know, for the principle of the thing.

  5. So much going on at your house. We hope the adoption event is a huge success.

  6. What an adorable collection of little kitties! Mom and dad were ogling a long row of cages containing a bunch of little ones like these guys at a local adoption event here in Wilmington yesterday. Dad wanted to stay and play with them all day but mom said "let's go!"

  7. I hope Anastasia eats more. That is a constant worry for me, as it is for any cat-person. I'd rather have mine on the fatter side than thin.

  8. Purrs for Anastasia and her kittens, and Cipher too as we hope he finds his furever home soon.

    Have fun efurrybody while the mom bean is out of the house.


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